April 21, 2023
David and Angel Fidler.
David & Angel Fidler

David Fidler is an Retired Army Veteran from Spanish Fork, UT. He shared the following about his service in the Army and experiences at USU.

What is the most positive/useful life lesson you learned from your time in the military?
Discipline and teamwork. The army taught me and instilled the discipline necessary to persevere through tough times. However I also learned that no matter how "tough" you think you are no matter how disciplined you are, success only comes through effective teamwork. Any succes I ever had as a commander was purely due to the great people I had the privilege of leading and the teamwork they achieved.

Major at USU:
Interdisciplinary Ag Science

How has the VRO improved your experience at USU and/or helped you as a student?
As a non-standard student it can be difficult to befriend other students and to fit in. In the VRO, this is not the case. I am able to make friends with others who share similar life experiences and find a safe relaxing environment to hang out in between classes or any other time I need to relax or escape.

What's your favorite thing about being an Aggie, and why?
USU is a great school that is extremely inclusive and supportive of all its students. A great place to learn, make friends and enjoy life.