April 21, 2023
Marissa Griffeth
Marissa Griffeth

Marissa Griffeth is from Forest Grove Oregon. Her Husband is an active duty service member in the Air Force. She shared these thoughts on the personal impacts that his service has meant to her.

Where is the most interesting/exotic place you have lived?
Washington DC

What is the most positive/useful life lesson you learned from being a military family member?
Although I'm not a military child the biggest thing I've learned from being a military spouse is clear and open communication. After coming back from deployments it's hard to integrate back to living together. We noticed that when either of us feels tense, anxious or overwhelmed to immediately communicate that with the other person so that we are on the same page and can help one another.

How has the VRO improved your experience at USU and/or helped you as a student?
I have gained so many friends. When I first started working here I had a couple of close friends from freshman year however we never saw each other. Being here allowed me to meet more people in a relaxed setting and make friends. It especially helped while my husband was deployed because I had a community of people that supported me.

Major at USU:

Favorite thing about being a Aggie:
My favorite thing about being an Aggie is the resources available to help you succeed. There is a nice community of admin who wish to see you succeed and will help you get there.