March 10, 2023
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Tucker & Jackie Hoffman

Tucker Dean Hoffman is from Richfield, California. He is a Veteran who served in the Navy and shared these thoughts on his time in the service.

What is the most positive/useful life lesson you learned from your time in the military?
I think that some of the most useful lessons I gained from my time in the Navy involved the value of having diverse perspectives and being able to work effectively with ANYBODY.

Major at USU:
Wildlife Ecology and Management

How has the VRO improved your experience at USU and/or helped you as a student?
The VRO has provided a great place to relax and meet people with common values, perspectives, and experiences. I have also had many of my ideas challenged in conversations with the community at the VRO. The VRO has also provided extension peace of mind regarding the certifying process. The staff are very professional, and quickly help me out anytime that I have messed up the process.

What's your favorite thing about being an Aggie, and why?
I enjoy studying at a research institution that prioritizes natural resource research.