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Medical Assistant: CC

Department: Nursing and Health Professions
College: Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is a fast growing profession that is versatile, interesting, and schedule friendly. Medical assistants have diversified skills that allow them to work in a variety of medical office settings.  Many medical offices allow the medical assistant to work daytime hours and to have weekends and holidays off, while others may work evening hours allowing for flexibility in scheduling work hours to fit individual preferences.

  • CC - , Blanding, Castle Dale, Cortez, Ignacio, Moab, Montezuma Creek, Monticello, Monument Valley, Price , USU Eastern Blanding, USU Eastern Price

With a medical assistant certificate of completion, students may pursue the following careers:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • You can work as a Medical Assistant in a family practice, pediatric practice, urgent care, at offices that specialize in one body system, as well as some surgical outpatient clinics.