Student Breakout Rooms

Features are Unavailable or not Working as They Should

Make sure your Zoom application is up to date. You can either download the app from Zoom's website or perform a manual update from within the software. To update manually:


Open the Zoom application


Sign in using SSO using your A-number and strong password


Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click the Check for Updates option

User profile information screenshot with check for updates link highlighted

Microphone or Speaker Not Working

When in a Zoom call, select the arrow to the right of the microphone icon in the bottom left (where it says Mute or Unmute) and choose test speaker and microphone. Zoom will then run you through a few steps to choose the correct devices. You can also manually choose which speaker and microphone to use in that same menu.

Call is Slow and Lagging

  • Close out of other applications on your computer
  • Check your internet connection