Video Captions Overview


Adding captions to your videos creates an accessible and inclusive experience for all users. Captions are written versions of spoken words and other important audio that are synced with a video. 

Captions Benefit Everyone

Besides making your videos accessible to users who are Deaf or hard of hearing, captions also provide the following benefits: 

  1. You can watch videos in noisy environments, or when you can't listen to the sound.
  2. They increase your understanding of the content.
  3. You can search the transcript of a video.
  4. They help you understand a video that's in a language you're still learning.
  5. Having captions ranks your video higher in search engines.
  6. Many users prefer them! 
A YouTube video of a person wearing a Utah State shirt, captioned with "Welcome to Utah State."

Getting Started With Captions

If you have videos that need captions, there are lots of campus resources available to help you!

Use a Professional Captioning Service
The University has a great contract with 3Play Media that provides discounted pricing and an easy way to have your videos professionally captioned on a budget:  

Caption Your Own Videos
If budget is a concern or you want to caption your own videos, there are resources available to help you:

Basic Caption Information
Learn more about captions and their benefits:
Based on the USU Accessibility Policy, a captioning standard has been established that requires captioning on certain campus videos: 




Captioning Support

Help is available when captioning your content. Digital Accessibility Services can provide the following resources:

Please contact us for help.