USU Caption Pricing

Utah State has coordinated with other schools in the state to negotiate a discounted pricing contract with 3Play Media, a high quality caption vendor. This discounted pricing is available to all departments on campus. 

Caption pricing is per minute of video (rounded up) and dependent on how quickly you need the captions done. (A same-day caption job costs more than an 8-day caption job.)

3Play Media Pricing

Service Level Turnaround Time Price per Minute Price per Hour
Extended (cheapest) 8 business days $1.05 $63.00
Standard 4 business days $1.20 $72.00
Expedited 2 business days $1.55 $93.00
Rush 1 business day $1.70 $102.00
Same Day 8 hours $2.55 $153.00
Two Hour 2 hours $3.70 $222.00

More information is available on the 3Play website about turnaround service levels and their Service Level Agreement. When you order a captioning job in 3Play, it will automatically display the date and time when the job will be finished.

3Play Media order page with the turnaround levels highlighting the time when a selected turnaround time would be finished by.

Please contact us with any questions.

Additional Notes

  • While not guaranteed, 3Play Media often completes the caption job before the deadline. 
  • 3Play sometimes imposes a surcharge of $1.00 per minute for difficult audio. 
  • Additional services (caption alignment, captions for non-English languages) are available on request.