Help Others in Distress

By familiarizing yourself with distress symptoms, you can recognize when others are in need and help direct them to appropriate campus resources.

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In the United States, deaths by suicide accounts for 2% of all deaths. Suicide is 10th leading cause of death nationally and the 5th in Utah. USU students, faculty, and staff at any location have access to free resources if they believe they or someone they know is experiencing suicidal thoughts and need help.

Learn the Signs

By being familiar with distress symptoms, you can recognize those who are in need and help them find appropriate campus resources.

Assist Those in Distress Fact Sheet
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You may be the first person to notice signs indicating a peer is in distress. THINK: Has this person displayed academic, psychological, physical, or safety risk indicators? Have you noticed any changes in this person’s performance or behavior?

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Trust your instincts. Sometimes a person in distress cannot or will not turn to family or friends. Show you CARE by speaking up if someone leaves you worried, alarmed, or threatened. 


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When you ACT, you create support for someone in distress. Your expression of concern may be a critical factor in saving their life, let alone their academic or professional career.