Code of Conduct Pledge

The Department of Biology fosters an environment of inclusivity and promotes a safe and healthy environment of students and employees. It is expected all associates of Biology will adhere to the following pledge ensuring an optimal, safe, healthy, and inclusive learning and work environment:

  • I join Biology in fostering an environment of mutual respect and safety in the workplace as well as in classes, labs, and social events.
  • I understand productive learning and work is most effective when all have a voice, when all count, when all are respected, valued and heard.
  • I will be actively engaged with my colleagues toward being understanding and fully respectful of our similarities and differences in disability, age, national origin, gender identity/expression, religion, education, race, color, appearance, sexual orientation, genetic information, beliefs, or any status protected by University policy, local, state, or federal law.
  • I will demonstrate integrity and respect in regards to other individual's person, space, property, and work.
  • I will be cognizant of my interactions and be mindful of potential unwarranted communications (i.e., disrespectful comments/humor, hurtful sarcasm, passive¬†aggressive language, offensive language, references, or innuendos, etc.).
  • I will ensure all colleagues feel safe and are not asked to work in an unsafe or unwelcome environment.
  • I will report any instance of harassment, discrimination, dangerous or potentially abusive environment, or unsafe activities to my immediate supervisor and/or departmental administrator. I will report any sexual misconduct or harassment to the Office of Equity immediately.
  • I will conduct myself in action and word in an ethical, inclusive, and respectful manner at all times.

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