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USU Undergraduate Researcher Matthew Hogan

Matthew Hogan, Biology and Physics

As part of a research project, Utah State University physics major Matthew Hogan sits in a lab and watches plants grow. And it’s a far-from-boring exercise, he says.

“It’s a new learning experience every day,” says the Undergraduate Research Fellow of his efforts which, upon further investigation, involve much more than passively observing flora. “This project continually challenges my brain.”

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Schwarzenegger, Punk Band, 'Motorcycle Zen' Inspire USU Inaugural Professor

Gumption. “Do you know what that word means?” asks Utah State University mathematician David Brown. Spunk? Grit? Chutzpah? Webster’s defines it as “enterprise or initiative,” but author Robert M. Pirsig, in his celebrated book, “Zen and the Art...

About Dr. Brown's Inaugural Lecture

USU Observatory Welcomes Public Friday, Dec. 6

The Utah State University Observatory opens its doors to the public Friday, Dec. 6. All are invited to view Cache Valley’s night sky from the observatory telescope from 6-8 p.m. Admission is free. "We invite the Cache Valley community for views of our...

Public Observatory Night Info

Aggie Named President of International Association for Statistical Computing

Utah State University statistician Juergen Symanzik has been elected president of the International Association for Statistical Computing. Symanzik served two years as President-Elect and assumed the presidency this fall for the global organization...

About Dr. Symanzik's Election