AY 23-24 Standing Committee Service

Executive Committee

  • Al Savitzky, Interim Department Head
  • TBD, Associate Department Head
  • Carol von Dohlen, Assistant Department Head & Co-Director Graduate Programs
  • Karen Kapheim, Co-Director Graduate Programs
  • Thayne Sweeten, Director Undergraduate Studies
  • TBD, Early-career At-large Faculty Rep
  • TBD, Established-career At-large Faculty Rep

Safety Committee

  • TBD, Associate Department Head
  • Carl Farley, PUBH Rep
  • Molly Womack, Faculty Rep
  • Sara Freeman, Faculty Rep
  • Anthony Sterenchak, Staff Rep
  • Mitzi Christensen, Staff Rep
  • Oran Wasserman, Student Rep

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Sara Freeman, Faculty Rep
  • Noelle Beckman, Faculty Rep
  • Molly Womack, Faculty, Past Chair
  • Carla Endres, Faculty Rep
  • Fabiane Mundim, Faculty Rep
  • Jessica Habashi, Faculty Rep
  • Zach Gompert, Faculty Rep
  • Cathy Rushworth, Faculty Rep
  • Ernane Vieira-Neto, Research Staff
  • Sarah McKay Strobel, Research Staff
  • Helen Plylar, Student Rep
  • Chinedum Anajemba, Student Rep
  • Lauren Craige, Student Rep
  • Mary-Kate Williams, Student Rep
  • Kim Garrity, Admin Staff Rep

Curriculum and Assessment Committee

  • Thayne Sweeten, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chair
  • Cathy Rushworth, Logan Campus Rep
  • Jessica Habashi, Statewide Campus Rep
  • Lauren Lucas, Logan Campus and Assessment Rep
  • Carl Farley, PUBH Rep
  • Kim Garrity, Administrative Staff Support

Curriculum Committee Bio Math Working Group

  • Noelle Beckman
  • Norah Saarman
  • Scott Bernhardt
  • Dani Lawrence
  • Thayne Sweeten
  • Kim Sullivan

Honors Student Advisors

  • Zach Gompert
  • James Pitts

USU Honors Faculty and Student Advisory Boards, College of Science Reps

  • Sara Freeman, Faculty Rep
  • Rachel Tong, Student Rep

Long-range Planning Committee

  • Susannah French, Chair
  • Pre-tenure and pre-promoted faculty

Seminar Committee

  • Scott Bernhardt, Chair
  • Shana Geffeney, Past-Chair
  • TBD, Chair-Elect
  • TBD, Student Rep

Graduate Programs Committee

  • Carol von Dohlen, Co-Director
  • Karen Kapheim, Co-Director
  • Joe Wilson, Faculty Rep
  • Molly Womack, Faculty Rep
  • Moria Robinson, Faculty Rep
  • Jorge Lopez-Perez, Student Rep
  • Anthony Sterenchak, Ex Officio Graduate Programs Coordinator
  • Sara Poulsen, Ex Officio Business Services

Undergraduate Scholarship Committee 

  • Thayne Sweeten, Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Courtney Streich, Co-Chair, Ex Officio Advising Lead
  • Mary McFadden, Co-Chair, Ex Officio Advising Lead
  • Joe Shope, Ex Officio IT Lead
  • Scott Bernhardt, Pre-health Rep
  • John Flores, PUBH Rep
  • Kevin Young, Statewide Rep
  • Nick Pardikes, Logan Campus Rep

USU Equity Hearing Council – Biology Reps

  • Mitzi Christensen, Staff Rep
  • Becky Williams, Faculty Rep

USU Faculty Senate – Biology Reps

  • Jen Burbank, Alternate

Biology Ombudspersons Reps for the College of Science

  • Claudia Nischwitz
  • Charles Hanifin
  • Wayne Hatch
  • Becky Williams