Graduate Student Assistantships

A Graduate Assistantship is an employment appointment in which the student is paid for their work hours. Payment is in the form of salary as well as benefits. Benefits include Health Insurance and Tuition Waivers.

Salary pay rates may vary and will be listed on your individual Assistantship Agreement. Speak to your Faculty Advisor for more information.

  PHD/monthly MS/monthly
GTA $2,107.28* $1,930.61*
GRA $2,107.28* $1,930.61*

*Please note: The monthly rate may differ slightly depending on the number of working days within the given month and available funding. These rates are listed before taxes.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

Graduate Health Insurance coverage is split:
80% is covered by USU
20% is the responsibility of the student

*Please plan for a 35% cost increase for Academic Year 23-24

For rates and additional information:
USU Health Insurance

Graduate Student Health Insurance is required for students on an Assistanship and subsidized by the employer - USU. Students with personal health insurance may opt out of the USU Graduate Student Health Insurance:
Grad Student Enrollment

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers are provided by the home Department’s College for students employed in a Graduate Assistantship.
To be eligible for an Assistantship the student must be registered for at least 6 credits or have completed their program of study and be registered for 3 credits.
Student Fees are the responsibility of the student, otherwise you may speak to your Faculty Advisor to request assistance where applicable.

Current Tuition and Fee Rates
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