USU Brand: Brand Mission

Brand Essence

An institution's brand essence defines the core characteristics intrinsic to a brand. These are the intangible attributes built over time into the Aggie experience. They are the emotional characteristics based on historic experiences and engrained in every Aggie through shared experiences. Brand essence is often intangible for an audience, but it is something that is unique to our brand and, most importantly, something that is driven by our own lived history.

Utah State University feels like home from the moment you step on campus, because the first step brings you inside our Aggie Family. We foster a caring community that elevates the academic experience for all Aggies and prepares students to become community, state, national, and global citizens. We embrace civic responsibility and respect diversity and human dignity, and we challenge all Aggies to acknowledge and act upon these principles.

Essence of the Aggie Persona

Innovative: new thinking and solutions creating positive change in the world
Empowering: catalyst to transformation of students, faculty, partners, industries, communities, etc.
Passionate: advocate and believe in the power of education, research, and outreach, and the power to change for good
Humble: despite numerous accolades, accomplishments, and expansion, a strong work ethic and genuine humility remains
Collaborative: a spirit of collaboration between university, its research centers, and commercial enterprises