Brand Standards: MyUSU


MyUSU provides a variety of options for admins and clients to communicate with users through announcements, like alerts and notices, to portal ads.


Portal Announcements are university level, informative, pertinent messages and can be sent to targeted audiences. These will appear in the announcements feature on MyUSU. There are three types of announcements:

Notices: Notice target users with relevant announcements.

  • Important Deadlines
  • Outages
  • Technical Transitions or Changes
  • General Information
    • Health and Wellness
    • Student Services & Resources

Alerts: Alerts target users with urgent information and are pinned to the top of the Activity Feed.

  • Safety Concerns
    • Weather (e.g., snow days)
    • Disease Outbreak

Emergency: Emergency Announcements target users with urgent emergency information and are pinned to the top of the Activity Feed, above any existing Alerts.

  • Weather (e.g., tornado, earthquake response, fire, etc.)
  • Active Shooter
  • School Closures
  • Gas Leak

Portal Ads

Portal Ads are all other institutional promotional messages. These ads will be posted in MyUSU groups including: USU All, USU Logan, USU Online, and USU Statewide Campus groups based on the ad audience and message. The portal admin will determine if ads fall within the scope of institutional messaging. 


Announcements and ads both have the option for a message (copy/caption) and a graphic or image.

There are two size options for graphics and images. Please determine the size that would be most appropriate to your message by determining the amount of text or context of the ad.

more text example

Registration Portal Ad Example


more text example

USU Ready Portal Ad Example


To request a portal announcement or ad, please fill out this online form:

Request should include:

  • The message itself
  • URL for more information to be linked in message
  • Graphic or Image* (optional)

*Graphics and images can’t be linked. Please avoid using words like “here” and designed buttons on graphics.