Brand Standards: MyUSU

Group Standards


Who Can Post

Group Admins can decide who is able to post and comment within their group by going into the “Advanced Settings” tab after clicking the “Settings” button in the top right corner of the banner image.

  • Take the following into consideration to avoid spamming your group’s members.
    • Who can post (admins, members, or everyone).
    • The purpose/nature of your group.
    • What content is being posted.
  • If you are allowing members or everyone to post, we recommend turning on post approval in the “Advanced Settings” to avoid diluting your group’s brand and/or potentially spammy, irrelevant, or harmful content.

What to Post

Focus on content relevant to the group. Try creating content that will get members to engage and connect with each other. Posts can include images in the following dimensions:

  • 1024 x 400 px
  • 1024 x 768 px

When to Post

Admins should seek to post as often as they feel is necessary for their group, taking the group’s purpose and who is posting into consideration.

Best Practices

Getting Your MyUSU Group Started

  1. Be committed. Make sure you actually have the resources and buy-in to sustain a MyUSU group for the long run.
  2. Be active. Regularly maintained and monitored.
  3. Name it correctly from the start. Make sure your name clearly identifies who you are so users can find it in the global search.
  4. Have a strategy. What are your overall goals with this group?
  5. Measure, evaluate, adjust. Pick a few group analytics that will help you measure how well you’re accomplishing your overall goals. Make time to track progress and adjust your groups strategy.

Maintaining Your MyUSU Group

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Be social. MyUSU groups are the space for two way conversations and requires listening to online conversations, consistent engagement (at least a few minutes a day), and ensuring content is fresh and timely.
  3. Be respectful. Your audience is diverse and opinionated. Be careful not to alienate people.
  4. Be prepared to respond to comments. Monitor comments, respond as needed, and provide information to resolve issues. Encourage conversation and be careful about deleting negative comments. Leave negative comments and posts unless they are obscene, violate student privacy, are solicitations by outside vendors, or are a true threat.
  5. Be strategic. Make sure your MyUSU group efforts are helping you achieve your communications goals.
  6. Be accurate. By providing timely and accurate information, you’ll enhance USU’s credibility. If you make a mistake, own it. Set the record straight and take responsibility quickly.
  7. Be thoughtful. Everything you post will live forever and is never really private.
  8. Be visual. Content that includes a good photo or short, simple video will increase your engagement dramatically.

Guidelines and Procedures

As the MyUSU platform's social and engagement feature, MyUSU groups are subject to follow the University social media guidelines and procedures.


Guidelines include information about privacy and confidentiality, copyright, free speech, fundraising, how to respond in a crisis, and personal opinions. Please review and become familiar with these guidelines that apply to MyUSU.


Account administration, management, and blocking/unblocking accounts (users) within MyUSU follow the University's social media procedures. These procedures address removing content and users. The following MyUSU Group Management Procedures will need to be applied and followed by every group: 

Appropriate Administrator

For all MyUSU Groups, the Student Affairs Marketing and Communications Director will serve in the role as the Appropriate Administrator.

Private MyUSU Groups

Any MyUSU Group with a “private” designation will clearly outline the criteria for its membership in the “About” section of the MyUSU Group page (e.g., enrollment in a particular course or active membership in a particular club). Criteria for membership to a private MyUSU Group will not be defined or decided based on an individual’s protected class status.

Blocking a Student from a MyUSU Group

If a student posts content within a MyUSU Group that meets the criteria outlined in Part of University Policy 540 for blocking an account, the student may be blocked or otherwise denied access to the MyUSU Group in which the violation occurred. However, a student will not be blocked or otherwise denied access to any MyUSU Group where membership in the MyUSU Group is a component of a course in which the student is enrolled, except if: (1) the student ‘s posting activity within the MyUSU Group is causing a disruption to the course; (2) the student continues their disruptive posting activities after the student is warned by the University employee directing the course that their posting activity is disrupting the course; and (3) the student is not blocked for longer than 24 hours from the time of the disruption. Where a 24-hour block would have substantial effect on the student’s academic performance and/or progress, missed academic materials and/or opportunities will be provided to them by an alternative method, if possible.

Notwithstanding the above, a student’s MyUSU Account will not be deleted, deactivated, or suspended from the MyUSU service platform during the time period that the student is enrolled and in good standing at USU, unless deemed necessary and authorized by the Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee as part of a disciplinary process authorized by the Student Code of Conduct. Any appeal of a determination of the Vice President of Student Affairs, or their designee, should be pursued consistent with any relevant process outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and not pursuant to these Procedures. The student’s MyUSU Account will be restored immediately if a disciplinary process resolves in the student’s favor.