Brand Standards: Stationery

Business Cards

Business cards are an important part of our brand identity and indicate your official affiliation with Utah State University. We offer both single-sided and double-sided formats.

Important Notice about Business Cards

Business cards can only be created by Aggie Print or University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing. All university entities must use one of the standard designs below.

The university, college or administrative unit logo or wordmark (mark) must always be placed on the front of the card. No other logos, statements, or affiliation marks are permitted on the front of the card. The front of the card should always be white, with Aggie blue marks and text.

The back of the business card can be utilized for approved university sub-brands. If a sub-brand is used, it must be pre-approved by University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing.

Option A

Business Card Option A1
Business Card Option A2
Business Card Option A3
Business Card Option A4

Option B

Business Card Option B1
Business Card Option B2
Business Card Option B3
Business Card Option B4

Option C

Business Card Option C1

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Business Card Option B1
Business Card Option B2

Business Card Back

Back Option One
Back Option Two
Back Option Three

Additional Content Guidelines


Include first and last name. If you have a long name, please use card option C.

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns may be included on business cards between your name and title.

Department or Division Name

A college or administrative unit department or division name may appear on the bottom left side of the front of the card. The name may take up two lines.


Your title indicates your relationship to the university. If you have dual roles, please use business card option C. This card was created for persons with dual reporting roles and/or dual departments.

Address Block

The address block is optional and can be removed.

Phone Numbers

Office, cell, and/or fax numbers can be added using numbers and hyphens.

Email Address

Only official university email addresses can be used.


Only official university URLs (.edu) can be used. External URLs are not allowed. Websites should not include “http://”

Social Media

Official social media accounts can be listed in place of URLs. 

Ordering Stationery Items

All stationery goods must be produced by Aggie Print and Mail. To place your order, visit their website or contact Aggie Print and Mail at 435-797-2611/