Brand Standards: Stationery

Email Signature

To further strengthen our brand, University Marketing and Communications has created a standardized email signature template for use by all university faculty and staff.

While there is an optional logo image included in the template, we understand that not all email client applications and operating systems support images, so we also offer a text-only alternative. When selected, the image used in the email signature should not show up as an attachment and is dark mode friendly.

Content Guidelines & Best Practices

  • Name is required.
    • Use your first and last.
  • Title is required and is prefilled in with your Banner job title.
    • Title can be changed to your working title.
  • Personal pronouns are optional.
  • Office/Department is required.
  • Contact information is optional.
  • Physical location is optional.
  • Website is optional.
    • Website text will be used to name the website URL in the signature block. Only official university URLs (.edu) can be used. External URLs are not allowed. 
  • Image is optional.

Do not include philosophical statements or inspirational quotes; this is to avoid the potential confusion that such statements represent the university's ideology or brand promise.
Do not embed additional images into your signature. Only automatically generated images are allowed.

Generate a Utah State University branded email signature.

Email signature example