Brand Standards: Videos

Video Assets

Video Library

Video clips of campus and general student life are available upon request along with access to an online stock video for USU faculty/staff that create content. Please reach out to to explain your video project and gain access to this library. Requests from the media entities are welcome.

Here are some other options for stock video clips:

Outro Video Graphics

Blue Background White Logo

 usu blue outro

White Background Blue Logo

 usu white outro

Statewide Campuses, Colleges & Offices Outros


script example

Creating a script prior to filming can help you organize your content, help determine the flow of the story, shots needed or graphics to incorporate. 

This script is broken down

  • Topic
  • Talent (person on camera)
  • Script (what the talent will say)
  • B-roll
  • Text or graphics to incorporate
  • Notes

Any large production should have some sort of script produced prior to filming. This will help encourage a discussion between the person filming, marketing or project manager and the talent. It will also allow those that need to give approval on the project to do so prior to filming and establish an estimated duration of the video.