Brand Standards: Web

Web Logos

Important Notice about Web Logos

Web logos are for web use only. They can not be used on branded goods or print publications.

Header brand logos

University-wide pages

All official web pages should display the university logo in the top left of the page header. The logo used for the header is the university wordmark (single line). The web template will always include the university logo and always link to the university homepage.

Utah State University Header Logo

Departments and Units

Because official department and unit printed logos may have different shapes and sizes, they aren't always rendered in a consistent way when used in the web header. For that reason, the header logo simply juxtaposes the unit or department name on the right of the university logo (separated with a bar) using the Roboto font. This allows for better consistency across all university webpages. Unit and department names always link back to their own homepage.

Single Unit Header Logo

As an option-for example, an academic department within a college-the university logo can be paired with two unit names, using two lines. Both units link back to their own homepage. The "child" unit should be displayed on the first line.

Double Unit Header Logo

Use of visual elements

Visual elements may be published within the page content when appropriate (in a page side column for example). They should be saved as .PNG file with a transparent background. They can also be embedded on a page banner.

These elements may also be published within the local footer (fat footer).

Information Page Header Logo

General information pages

University-wide information pages may use the header brand space and be paired with the university logo.

Information Page Header Logo