Toolkit: Templates

Research Posters

These research poster templates and guidelines will help you create research posters that are compliant with the university brand standards and Utah State’s Office of Research events including the Fall and Spring Student Research Symposia.

  • Poster dimensions should be no larger than 40″ tall x 48″ wide
  • Posters should be no thicker than a standard poster weight (no foam core backing)
  • Hanging materials (T-pins) will be provided
  • Posters must be readable from three feet away
  • Presenters must be available to discuss their poster during the whole session.
Important Notice about Logos and Wordmarks

Research conducted for third-party, commercial entities cannot utilize university logos. The use of the university logos on research for a commercial entity could be perceived as a university endorsement of said third-party.

The logos and wordmarks (marks) used in these templates cannot be modified in any way. Distorting or changing logos, reduces legal protection and diminishes impact. Logos and wordmarks should not be used on red backgrounds.

Designing Your Poster

There are numerous resources available to you as you begin to build your poster. Here at USU, we offer students a variety of possible templates to build a traditional academic poster.

Download Poster Templates

These templates are an improvement over the tightly-packed posters you might see at a professional conference but more detailed than some of the proposed ‘better posters’. Regardless of the poster template or design you decide to use, here are some helpful tips to make the most of your visual aid.

For additional information on building appropriate research posters, please visit the Office of Research Poster Presentations page.