Toolkit: Web Template

In the simplest of forms, the USU template is made up of three main parts: header, footer and content. The header is everything above the part of the page you normally read, and the footer is everything below it. However, in order to reference the parts of the page you normally edit, we can expand that structure into six main parts.

web template sections

Template header visual


The header, as referenced on this site, is the area above the main navigational bar. It contains the USU wordmark and website identification as well as global USU links in the top shelf. This area is generally uneditable other than the website names as they appear next to the USU logo.

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Template navigation visual


Next is the main navigation. The navigation is modified on a site by site basis and should be consistent across a site or within a section of a site. While the navigation is editable, there are general guidelines that we ask you to follow in order to utilize all template features and maintain consistency across the USU web properties.

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Template hero banner visual

Hero Banner

On many pages, there is an image or bar of color that separates the navigation from the main reading content. We call this the main banner or hero banner area. There are many considerations when placing content in this area as it is often what a visitor will see first. Used correctly, it can serve to inform users of the following page content and help them use the site effectively. Used incorrectly, it can be ignored, slow the page loading speed, and prompt users to leave the page.

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Template main content area

Main Content

This is why people come to the site, for the main content of the page. Content should be well thought out, organized, and easy to read. Putting thought into the layout of a page is a critical step for making the page enjoyable to read.

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Template fat footer area

Fat Footer

The fat footer is the piece of content between the main content and the global footer at the very bottom of the page. It can serve as a last resort for users who can't find what they are looking for or as a place to house important but less used links that could otherwise clutter the navigation. Utilized correctly, it can be a useful tool for users.

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Template global footer area

Global Footer

The global footer is where USU houses critical global links most users might need at some point as well as some items required by law. We try to keep these links useful to all audiences so these are not editable on a site by site basis.

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