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About This Certificate

As one of 75 accredited landscape architecture programs in the U.S., Utah State strives to provide their bachelors of landscape architecture students with an edge by providing this Advanced Design, Geospatial, and Visualization Technologies Certificate.

Up to 95% of landscape architecture firms are adopting new technologies, such as drones, virtual reality and parametric modeling.

What You Will Learn

By earning this certificate, students will learn through practice and real-world implementation how to use drones, virtual reality, advanced 3D and parametric modeling and geospatial data analysis to enhance landscape designs and planning.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a certificate in advanced design, geospatial, and visualization technologies, students may pursue the following careers:

  • City planner/landscape architect
  • Design of resorts and theme parks
  • Virtual media design (graphic design, designing virtual landscapes for computer games)
  • Visual/scenic landscape analyst

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Deandra Harps

Office: AGRS 417
Phone: 435-797-9245

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Admission Requirements

Students must be admitted into a bachelor's or master's degree program within the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning.

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