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The Conflict Management and Facilitation Certificate of Proficiency provides the opportunity for students to develop understanding and skills that will transform their capacity to manage conflict in healthy and productive ways within their personal and professional relationships.

This certificate uniquely complements various career paths including political science, social sciences, education, business, health sciences, and more to bolster resumes, help students acquire essential workplace skills, and to distinguish themselves as industry leaders in their respective fields. Utah State University is the only place in Utah with an undergraduate certificate in conflict.

Students don't need any previous background in conflict to participate in the program. We welcome all majors!


CP: Logan (Main Campus)

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Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Conflict management and facilitation skills are useful and in high demand for jobs in a wide range of careers. Employees in United States companies spend roughly 2.8 hours each week involved in interpersonal and group conflict. This amounts to approximately $359 billion in hours paid each year that are focused on conflict (CPP Inc., 2008, Pollack, 2021).

Conflict in the workplace has grown prevalent for most workers, with 85 percent of workplace employees experiencing some kind of conflict (CCP Inc., 2008). Many people report that conflict makes them feel confused and anxious. Conflict arises in many settings and can negatively impact relationships, businesses, organizations, communities and countries.

The capacity to understand and manage conflict is a highly valued professional skill that can help to foster healthy relationships and support a more peaceful and productive way of being.

With a certificate in conflict management and facilitation, students can pursue the following careers:

  • Customer service focused careers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education
  • Health-care Administration
  • Business management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Public Administration


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