Data Science - MS

College of Science

About This Degree

The master's in Data Science is a unique, technical, research-based degree. This program offers special topics classes in Data Science based on advancements in technology, specific research interests of faculty and perceived need.

It will prepare students through cross-disciplinary training to do the following:

  1. Develop innovative software solutions that improve the efficiency and scope of data science tools
  2. Apply existing programming tools, languages, and algorithms to build, clean, and process large datasets as efficiently as possible
  3. Identify and construct computational solutions to solve problems from a diversity of domains
  4. Expand the functionality of state-of-the-art, high-performance data science software

At a Glance

College: College of Science

Department: Computer Science Department

Program Requirements


MS: Logan (Main Campus)

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a master's degree in Data Science, students may pursue a career as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning scientist or machine learning engineer.

Job Outlook


Caitlin Thaxton

Office: Main 421
Phone: 435-797-0778

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Admission Requirements

MS in Data Science admission requirements include:

  • A bachelors degree in Computer Science or closely related field.
  • Coursework in basic Statistics (equivalent to STAT 3000).

These are in addition to the graduate schools requirements.

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