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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About This Certificate

The certificate provides focus on multidisciplinary academic understanding of the historical and contemporary causes of conflict and efforts to create peace, while building practical skills in conflict resolution, mediation, and other forms of peacebulldlng praxis.

What You Will Learn

At our core we believe that peacebuilding is an essential citizenship skill of the twenty-first century that students can begin to attain through a combination of coursework and experience.

  • Create skills sought by a range of employers, such as non-governmental organizations, state agencies, or businesses.
  • Enable students to learn and discover, in and out of the classroom, in order to engage with a range of communities.
  • Offers a combination of courses and internships that allow students to learn the principles of peacebuilding and how to put these principles in to action through collaboration with a diversity of communities and stakeholder.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a degree in accounting, students may pursue the following career paths:

  • Dealing with transnational and global threats
  • Law: advocacy and solidarity
  • Restorative justice
  • Transitional justice
  • Trauma healing
  • Humanitarian action
  • Government and multi-lateral efforts
  • Non-violent social change
  • Dialog/conflict resolution strategies
  • Education
  • Development

Job Outlook



We will build on your goals and experiences while working together to design an individualized semester-by-semester plan. Your personalized plan will help you see a path from where you are now on to graduation. Even if you are unsure of the major you would like to pursue, we can help with resources and ideas.

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