Ranch Horse Management - CC

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

About This Certificate

Ranch Horse Science is the study of horses used in the ranching industry to complete a number of duties, from transportation up to and including the handling of livestock while on horseback.

What You Will Learn

Students will learn the basics of equine anatomy, nutrition, reproduction, hoof care, health care, first aid, and basic veterinary care for livestock.

Most importantly, students will learn the techniques of building a partnership with their equine colleagues. The understanding of the horse’s personality, the effort to use that understanding to become an effective team, and the essential skills of pressure and release will be the basis of building such a partnership. Students will learn in-depth about ranch horse equipment, including saddles, bits, spurs, lariats, and how to use these and other tools.

Horses and cattle will be provided for all of the hands on work including riding skills, stockmanship, and ranch roping instruction. The entire program is based on safety and low-stress stock-handling techniques that are so important in today’s beef industry.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a certificate of completion in Ranch Horse Science, students can pursue the following careers:

  • Cowboy or buckaroo on any of the large cattle producing ranches where horseback skills are a necessity
  • Apprentice horse trainer
  • Ranch horse equipment sales and service
  • Pen rider for large cattle feeding operations
  • Contacts for employment in many areas may become available throughout the year.

Job Outlook



We will build on your goals and experiences while working together to design an individualized semester-by-semester plan. Your personalized plan will help you see a path from where you are now on to graduation. Even if you are unsure of the major you would like to pursue, we can help with resources and ideas.

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Admission Requirements

Potential students must meet the admission requirements of Utah State University-Blanding.

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