Social Work - BS, BA

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About This Degree

Social work is a professional and academic discipline involving the pursuit of social welfare, social change, and social justice.

The social work program at USU is committed to the resolution of contemporary social problems, such as poverty, racism, discrimination, and economic injustice.

USU’s social work program, which is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, prepares students to enter into a wide variety of positions in public and private social service settings, which can include work in child welfare, youth services, mental health, criminal justice, aging, and health care. Students learn how to think critically in order to intervene effectively with individuals, families, groups, and communities throughout the world. They also learn to utilize advocacy and administrative skills as a means to promote social change. Additionally, faculty members at Utah State conduct research while maintaining open availability to students.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to be licensed as social workers. In order to certify in the state of Utah, students must show proof of graduation and pass the National Basic Social Work exam and the State of Utah Law and Ethics exam.

Students receive a by completing all required courses in the major. To receive a BA, students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.


At a Glance

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: Social Work Department

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Program Requirements

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Graduates who become certified can work as social workers in the following areas:

  • Public welfare (administration and planning, case management, program evaluation, policy setting, public interest groups)
  • Criminal justice/corrections (counseling/therapy, rehabilitation, probation, parole, youth services, victim assistance, courts)
  • School social work (clinical social work, pupil personnel services, student advocacy, instruction)
  • Child welfare (case management, advocacy, intervention)
  • Family Services (adoption agencies, foster care organizations, etc.)
  • Private Practice (or private social service agencies)
  • Gerontology (advocacy/intervention, counseling, case management, programming, public policy)
  • Clinical (counseling, therapy, community mental health centers, community residential homes, residential treatment centers, substance abuse treatment programs)
  • Occupational (counseling, education, wellness promotion, employee assistance, organizational development, human resources, labor unions, health maintenance organizations (HMOs))
  • Developmental disabilities (case management, program planning and evaluation, policy development)
  • Health care (case management, counseling, program development, administration, research)
  • Community organization (program and community development, advocacy, politics, education, planning)

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Admission Requirements

In addition to Utah State University’s admissions requirements, the social work program has additional requirements:

  • First-Year students: First-Year students admitted to USU in good standing qualify for admission to the social work major.
  • Transfer Students: Transfer students from other institutions and students transferring from other USU majors must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 and a minimum GPA of 2.75 in social work classes.

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Program Requirements

Students in this program are required to take two semesters of practicum, in which students gain hands-on expeirence in a social service agency.

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