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Global Communication: BA

Global Communication

The global communication degree at USU is the only one in the state. It is an applied, multidisciplinary program that educates students about other cultures and prepares them to work and communicate effectively in an increasingly more global environment. Students are equipped with basic skills in communication, such as interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, influencing skills, and listening skills.

Coursework is comprised from a variety of departments and areas, including history, political science, ethics, and more, providing students with a well-rounded knowledge of other cultures. Students also gain proficiency in a foreign language so they can fully and effectively communicate with individuals and organizations in other countries. There are also a variety of study abroad opportunities through the department that can help students fulfill the program’s foreign language requirements and give them valuable experience living and studying overseas.

As technological advances bring the world’s peoples closer together, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and languages is becoming increasingly valuable. Excellent communication skills are highly valued by employers, and in this age of multinational corporations, businesses are looking for employees who speak a second language. In addition, positions with nonprofit organizations and various government agencies encourage strong communication skills, second language abilities, and a broad understanding of globalization.

Since communication is a skill highly valued by employers, and communication is critical to many areas, Coomunication Studies majors can find careers in many areas.

Graduates from the program are also well-prepared for graduate school or law school. Some of the careers Communication Studies majors commonly pursue include:

  •          Communication consultant
  •          Management
  •          Marketing
  •          Employee relations
  •          Crisis management
  •          Event planner
  •          Speech writer
  •          Human resources specialist
  •          Hospitality manager
  •          Mediation (facilitates conversation that helps different organizations or companies agree)
  •          Negotiation (helps companies negotiate prices for services)

Career Services provides counseling and information on hundreds of job and internship opportunities and even helps students apply and interview.

Admission Requirements

Beyond Utah State University's admission requirements, the Global Communication program has additional requirements. Freshmen and Transfer students can be admitted into a "PPRU" major called the "Pre-Global Communication" major. The pre-requisites are as follows:

  • Freshmen:  New freshmen can be admitted into the Pre-Global Communication major before applying for Global Communication if they have a 2.5 GPA or higher. To be admitted into the full major, see the Admission requirements below.
  • Transfer Students:  Transfer students from other institutions and students transferring from other USU majors must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher to be admitted into the PPRU major, Global Communication, see the Admission requirements below.

Students are encouraged to apply for the full major as early as possible in their academic career.  Application for admission into the full major, Global Communication, includes the following:

  • Completed admission application form.  On-line applications will be available on the LPCS main page of the USU LPCS website at least one month before the beginning of Fall or Spring semesters.
  • Plan for application deadlines to be around the 2nd week of Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • Admission to the Global Communication major will be limited to 20 students each year.
  • Admission decisions will be based on:
    • Academic record.
    • Realistic career or professional study objective.
    • Ability of this program to prepare the student for his/her intended career.
    • Satisfactory speaking and writing competencies.
    • Motivation and creativity demonstrated by class performance, work experience, volunteer    activities and other means offered by the student during the application process.

Students not admitted with their first application may apply the following year.  Students may not apply and graduate in the same semester.


International students have additional admissions requirements.

Professional Organizations, Honor Societies, and Clubs

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: This is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction. ACTFL is an individual membership organization of foreign language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry.

Lambda Phi Eta: This is the National Communication Honor Society of the National Communication Association for undergraduate junior and senior communication students. The goals of LPH are to recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement and to provide an opportunity for faculty members and students to discuss and exchange ideas about their field of interest. It promotes communication, scholarship, and career preparation while providing service programs for the department and university.

Speech and Debate Team: The Speech and Debate Team helps students communicate efficiently, increase competency, and study current events. The team at Utah State has won a number of state and national titles and is open to any student interested in participating.

Japanese Club: All ethnicities are invited to learn about Japanese culture through a variety of activities.

Labs, Centers, Research

With the second oldest undergraduate research program in the nation, USU offers students a wide range of opportunities to gain hands-on research experience. USU’s Honors Program prepares students for excellent graduate programs by helping them build relationships with professors, participate in research projects, take smaller, more intensive classes, and develop leadership skills.



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Phone: (435) 797-1209

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