Benefits of Living on Campus

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Hassle-Free Living

All utilities are included in Single Student Housing! That means no monthly bills, and free things like wireless Internet, and even laundry. 
Family Housing will pay for gas, electricity, and laundry.

Graduation cap

Better Grades

Freshman and Sophomores living on campus consistently achieve higher grades AND carry heavier class loads than those living off campus.

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Tons of Activities

Resident Assistants (RAs) plan activities throughout the year, like concerts, ski trips and game nights. Get ready to have some fun!

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More Sleep

You'll get those extra precious minutes of sleep while everyone else is trying to get to campus. Need a quick nap? Take it!

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It's social here. Living on campus is an easy way to make new friends that you can keep for a lifetime. 

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Super fast Internet, fitness facilities, computer labs, lounges with TVs, pool tables, arcades, sand volleyball, fire pits and hot tub to name a few.


Time Management

It's easier to do ALL the things you want, like going to sporting events, grabbing a quick meal or attending group meetings for your classes.

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Safety & Security

Electronic locks, sprinklers, fire alarms, on-site live-in staff, and assistance from the University Police. You're safe with us!

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Worry-Free Maintenance

Our maintenance staff is available 24/7 to take care of any unexpected repairs for you. Sit back and relax...we got this!

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Theme Housing

You have the option to live with people that share your interests or major. You'll do activities throughout the year based on the theme.