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On-Campus Housing Contracts For Sale

This page can be used as a resource to help single students buy or sell an on-campus housing contract.

On-campus housing residents are responsible for finding a buyer to purchase their contract if they do not meet one of the contract termination conditions.

Buyer cannot currently live on campus or have signed up to live on campus for the time period of the contract they want to purchase.  Buyer must be admitted to USU and be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits per semester. 

Once a buyer has been found, both parties need to fill out the Sale of Contract form and email it to the Housing Office at .  The buyer will need to complete the online housing sign up process, which includes signing the housing contract and paying the deposit, unless the seller agrees to transfer their deposit to the buyer. 

No money is to be exchanged between students. Sale is not final until all required items are completed. 




On-Campus Housing Contracts for Sale

MALE - Shared Room in San Juan Hall
2020-21 Academic Year

Listed: 2/2/21

Apartment-style, 6 people/unit.

Seller Name: Kyler
Phone: (801) 979-2871

FEMALE - Shared Room in Bullen Hall
2020-21 Academic Year

Listed: 1/20/21

Apartment-style, 6 people/unit. Meal plan required.

Seller Name: Matina
Phone: (385) 242-5901



List an On-Campus Housing Contract for Sale

Fill out the form to submit your USU Housing contract for sale on the USU Housing website. Your information will be reviewed and verified by USU Housing staff before being published online. It may take up to 1 business day for the information to be posted. Verified contracts for sale will be posted online until a transaction is completed, or for a period of two weeks before being removed. By submitting the form below, you agree to have your contact information listed on the USU Housing website.