Off-Campus Housing

Renter Education, Resources and Options

Off-Campus Considerations

If living off-campus, consider the following:

  • If your housing is under construction, what is the contingency plan if it is not completed on time?
  • What are typical utility costs? Which utilities are included in rent? What utilities must be set up on your own and split among roommates?
  • When are you are allowed to move in?
  • What is required to apply? Do they run your credit? What is the application fee?
  • How much will it cost to live there? How is payment accepted? How often and when is rent due? What is the security deposit?
  • Is a dedicated parking space available, and does it cost extra? Are there enough legal, year-round parking spaces for everyone who lives there?
  • Can you ride the Aggie Shuttle or Cache Valley Transit District buses to campus, or will you need a parking permit?
  • Who do you contact if you have a maintenance issue while living there?


Renter Education

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Working with Landlords

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Subletting and Selling Contracts


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Signing a Contract


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