What is the duration of my contract?

Your contract is for the entire academic year, which includes fall and spring semesters. To terminate your contract prior to the completion of Spring Semester, you need to meet one of the conditions stated in the housing contract under “Contract Termination”. An Intent to Vacate notice needs to be filled out prior to your departure. The form can be filled out online on the Housing website or in person at the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Does my contract include the holiday break between fall and spring semester?

Yes. You can stay in your residence hall during the holiday break between Fall and Spring semester at no additional cost. However, residents staying during the break will need to have their room key reprogrammed at their Area Office prior to the end of Fall Semester. Residents not remaining in Housing for Spring Semester must complete a proper check-out no later than 2:00 p.m. the day after finals end. Students who remain in housing during winter break and then cancel for Spring will be charged a per night rate.

What is the deadline to cancel my contract?

For contracts beginning Fall Semester, notification needs to be submitted online, by logging into the housing website, prior to
April 15 in order for your $200 security deposit and any prepaid rent and fees to be refunded.

If cancellation notice is received between April 16 and June 15, the $200 deposit will be forfeited.

After June 15, you must meet one of the contract termination conditions listed in the contract.

How can I contact the Housing Services Office?

Email: info@housing.usu.edu
Phone: (800) 863-1085 or (435) 797-3113
Fax: (435) 797-4035
Mail: 8600 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-8600
Online: www.usu.edu/housing
Office Location: 1125 N. 1000 E. (East of Maverik Stadium)
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

How do I make payments?

Payment for tuition, fees and housing occur in one location simply by logging onto TouchNet. Fall housing charges will be posted to Banner generally in the July preceeding the fall semester. Your assignment letter contains additional information specific to your payment amount and due dates. Just as with tuition, residents can choose to pay online with an electronic check (no additional fee added) or with a credit card (a convenience fee is added at the time of transaction).

Residents who will be receiving financial aid or scholarship funds will have that amount allocated to tuition and fees first. Remaining funds will be put towards any housing charges.

Please be aware that any past due amounts on your Banner Access account, whether it be Housing or other University charges could prevent you from registering, using your activity card, etc. The Banner Access system will only act as a cashier. You will still need to contact the Housing Office with questions related to Housing charges.

How do I use my meal plan?

Simply present your Utah State University ID card to the cashier.

How do I change my meal plan?

You can make changes to your Housing Meal Plan by logging in to your housing account or contacting the USU Housing Office. Changes to housing meal plans can be made during the first two weeks of the semester.

When can I move in?

Your Housing contract begins on August 24, 2024 (rent and meal plan charges are posted to your University account on July 15, 2024). Students may begin moving in starting August 17. 

Area offices will be have extra staff available to assist with check ins on Saturday and Sunday August 17, 18, 24, 25, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Each area office will also be open 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday, August 19 to Friday, August 13, however there will be limited staff available due to Residence Life training. To avoid check in delays, we strongly encourage you to arrive on either weekend if possible.

What is the policy regarding overnight guests?

Overnight guests must be acceptable and agreed upon by all roommates at all times as outlined in the Residence Life Handbook. Anytime you host a guest, you assume responsibility for all actions of the guests’ including damages and violations of housing policies. All guests are to register at the area office in which they are visiting.

What do I do if I need an accommodation due to my disability?

USU welcomes all students! We are happy to provide accommodations as needed. Disability related accommodations should be requested through USU's Disability Resource Center, University Inn #101, Logan Main Campus, (435) 797-2444. Please submit your housing and DRC application as early as possible. Applicants are expected to be able to live independently, with or without reasonable accommodations.

How can I sign up to live with a friend?

If you would like to room with a friend on campus, it's pretty easy. Simply coordinate with the friend you'd like to live with, and sign up individually (preferably at the same time) between Oct. 2 - Jan. 31. At sign up, you will both select the same building, and by signing up at the same time, you'll be assigned consecutive time slots for bed space selection in April. Coordinate once again with the friend you want to live with during the bed selection process, and choose which floor, room and beds you want to select together to become roommates.
Please note: During the bed selection process, once a student views the available bed spaces in a given apartment or suite, all remaining available bed spaces will show as "locked" to other students. For this reason, coordination is key. One of you must complete the process before the other can begin. Time your selection so that as soon as one finishes, the other can begin.

How can I see who my roommates are? Can I contact them before moving in?

Once students have a confirmed booking in a building and room, they should be able to see their roommate information by logging into the Housing Portal. Click on the "View Roomate(s) Info" found in the "Move In" section.
Students are encouraged to reach out to their roommates prior to move-ins to introduce themselves, coordinate bringing items such as small kitchen appliances and cookware (if applicable) or furniture such as TVs or TV stands.