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Housing Contracted Services 


Utah State University Housing & Residence Life contracts with four companies outside of Utah State University for services and programs which may send you occasional emails or text messages. These services are designed to provide you updates on Housing sponsored activities, submitted facilities work orders (to fix problems in your apartment), and to send official communications from Housing and Residence Life Staff. Below you will find an explanation of the email address format from each contracted service as well as what these services do for USU Housing and Residence Life.


USU Housing has contracted with to send residents updates about programs, activities, and meetings via text messages and emails. All residents of USU Housing are put into this system at the beginning of each semester to facilitate our communications with residents. Text messages sent from this system will ALWAYS be sent from the number 85775 and will begin with the words "USU Housing:" Email Messages from this service will ALWAYS be sent from the email address and will have a standard signature with our Housing Logo and our Housing Office address, phone number, fax, email address, and website. Residents can reply to these messages directly and replies are sent to, an email account that is monitored by our Housing Administration Staff.

Residents can opt out of receiving text and email messages from this service at any time by:

  • Replying "Stop" to texts from specific Student Staff Members you no longer wish to hear from. This will stop communications from that specific staff member.
  • Replying "Stop All" to any text message from any Housing Staff Member. This will stop text messages from all Housing Staff Members.
  • Replying to any email sent to you through this system and requesting changes to your notification preferences or termination of all communications from this system. is a system that USU Housing has contracted with for a Maintenance Request and Management System. Residents can use this system to submit work orders for repairs to their apartment anytime day or night. Residents are not automatically signed up for this system and are only added the first time they submit a repair request at the website

Any resident that creates an account to submit a work order to repair something in housing will automatically be set up to receive email updates about their work orders. Emails from this system will ALWAYS be sent from the SchoolDude Message Center and the email address These emails will NOT be addressed to you but will reference a Work Order Number, the location of the requested repair, information submitted by the user to request the repair, and updates about the repair itself. There should be no links requesting any feedback or information in this email. Residents can reply to these messages directly and replies are sent to, an email address monitored by our Housing Facilities Dispatcher. The Housing Facilities Dispatcher does not have the ability to change notification setting on resident accounts!

Residents wishing to alter their notification preferences can do so by

  1. Going to
  2. Clicking on Submit a Request
  3. Entering the email address receiving the updates
  4. Confirming the account information by clicking the Yes button next to the question "Are you (Resident's Name)?". This will direct you to the request entry page.
  5. Click on Settings listed at the top of the page
  6. Click the Maint Request link. This will take you to your account information page. Here you can update the contact information on your account and change the notification settings. To change the notification settings:
    • Select the option that says "(Resident's Name) prefers these email notification setting."
    • Check or uncheck boxes to indicate what updates you would like to receive from the system.
    • Enter the password "aggies" and click submit.
    • The page will refresh and your new preferences should be saved. is a system that the USU Housing and Residence Life Staff, specifically Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, Residence Hall Association, Residence Directors, Area Coordinators, and Director of Residence Life, use to submit reports on activities, incidents, resident injuries, and Housing and University Policy Violations. Through this system these staff members can also send and log messages to individuals and groups of residents. Emails from this system are ALWAYS sent with the name USU Housing and from the email address While there is no standard message format for these email messages there should always be a name and title listed at the end of the message to inform you who has sent the message.

Replies to these email messages will be sent to the Residence Life Staff Member that sent the original message through the system. Residents can change the email address listed in the system by contacting their Resident Assistant, Area Supervisor, or Housing Administration Staff ( and providing them with their Student ID Number, Name, and a new email address to be save in the Residential Management System (RMS), which housing uses to manage bookings in our apartments. The RMS system uploads resident information into eRezLife on a nightly basis.


Each year Housing and Residence Life participates in a housing benchmarking survey conducted by Education Benchmarking, Inc. This survey is in partnership with the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I). Participants are selected randomly from current housing residents who will receive an invitation email from Residents can then choose to complete the online survey or request to not participate.

EBI MAP-Works provides higher education professional with the platforms, programs, information and support they need to improve the quality of the college student experience. They work with over 1,500 college and universities performing assessments regarding student development, learning, retention and satisfaction through the MAP-Works student success and retention platform and the EBI Benchmarking Assessments for accreditation and continuous improvement. EBI MAP-Works places the highest value on maintaining the security of student data. They perform nightly, monthly and annual tape backups of all critical systems and provide 24-hour server monitoring to ensure seamless functionality. EBI MAP-Works web and database servers are located 85 feet underground in Springfield, MO, and are monitored by a guard 24 hours a day, with motion sensor cameras located throughout the facility.