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Current Resident Housing Sign Ups

February 9-14, 2021


From February 9-14, 2021, students currently living on campus have the opportunity to select their exact bed space for the 2021-2022 academic year, prior to new residents selecting a bed space. Current residents are encouraged to prepare for the week of housing sign ups by looking into the different on-campus housing options.




see the housing options

take a virtual reality tour

watch video tours of the buildings





Retain Your Room

february 9, 2021

ONE DAY ONLY - This is your chance to stay in the same room you are in right now.

*Some exceptions may apply in cases of RA apartments or where the gender of the apartment may not be the same next year.

Pick A New Room

february 10-14, 2021

Choose your room from any available space on campus. You'll have 5 days to choose a spot so there's no rush.

If you need any assistance with the room selection process, the Housing Office is available to help between 8:00am-4:30pm on Wed-Fri.


3 Steps to SIGN UP


Log in to your housing account using the Sign Up button on this page.


Select the "Current Resident Sign Up" button from your housing account menu.


Complete the 2021-2022 housing sign up process.


× Important Notice: To prevent any potential server overloads, it has been recommended to have a small group of concurrent users in the system at a time. With this in mind, if you get a message that you are not able to log in, please try again in a few minutes.