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room change instructions

Students who have current room assignments for the 2019-20 academic year can make changes to their existing room assignment to any room on campus from May 2 to July 15, BASED ON AVAILABILITY. Room availability will change frequently and be ongoing through the summer, so if you do not see anything you want right now, check back later.

STEP 1: view room availability list


To view a list of available rooms on campus follow the instructions below. This list updates in real-time so if you do not see anything you want, check back later. If you find options that you are interested in, go to step 2. If not, check back later and see if anything else that you would prefer has opened up.

  • Log in to your housing account
  • Click on the "View Room Availability" button from the dashboard, if you want to take a quick glance at what rooms are available.
  • Select the Building under the "Available Rooms by Building" section heading on the left
  • Under the search results on the right, click the black arrow dropdown to see available bed space within the room, or click the bed space link to see specifics about that bed space.
Viewing room availability

Step 2: Changing your room


Follow the instructions below on how you will change your room, it will be very similar to how you previously selected your space. Remember if someone else is trying to book the same space it may no longer show available.

  • Log in to your housing account
  • Click on the "Change My Room" button from the dashboard
  • You can also view the "Room Availability List" before you start your room change.
  • Select both boxes from your current booking and click "Next Step" (see example below) 
Changing your current room booking
  • Select a new room from any of the available bed spaces on campus and confirm your new selection (see example below). Once you make your selection, you will see a confirmation of the room you are about to switch to. Do not forget to click on the finish button to finalize your selection.
Select a new bed space on campus