LLC Building C

Honors House is dedicated to accommodating those students who strive to create their own academic experience at USU. It is located in Building C of the Living Learning Community, with all four floors dedicated to the Honors Program. Each floor of Honors House is headed by specially trained Resident Assistants who strive to provide opportunities for leadership, academic success, and personal achievement.

In Honors House, you will be surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds who share similar goals and are seeking additional experience outside of the classroom.

Benefits of living in Honors House:

  • Live right next to the Honors lounge, office, and classroom in LLC Building A.
  • Receive support from specially trained Honors Resident Assistants.
  • Located right next door to the Taggart Student Center and The Marketplace.
  • Social events and academic programs designed especially for Honors students.
  • Elevator access to underground parking in the Aggie Terrace.

Sign up on the Housing Application by selecting "Honors" under Theme Housing Options.