USUSA Elections


USUSA Election Packet

Click the link to the 2024 Elections Packet


Declare Your Candidacy

To declare your candidacy enroll in the canvas course linked here beginning January 8th, 2024


View the Candidates

Follow the link to see who is running for each USUSA position


Election Concerns

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Utah State University Student Association Elections

Each year, USU students elect leaders for the Utah State University Student Association (USUSA), crucial in shaping campus life and student wellbeing. These elections are our chance to voice opinions and make informed choices. Whether running for office or voting, engaging in USUSA elections unites us as a student body and empowers us to improve our university experience. Participate by voting, running for office, or getting involved to influence our school's future and community.


Important Dates:

Declare Your Candidacy begining January 8th, 2024
Candidate Declarations Due by January 29th, 2024
Executive Leadership Board Elections will be held February 28th-29th, 2024
Senate & Region Elections will be held March 4th-5th, 2024

For questions about elections or information on the elections information session, please email

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