What is the Info Booth?

The info booth is a tool to help students find their way around campus and answer any and all questions that students may have. Scroll through the page and if the question you have is not answered, please call 435-797-2912.

Where are the bathrooms?

On the first floor of the Taggart Student Center (TSC), the bathrooms are located immediately south of the Info Booth. There are two sets of restrooms available on the second floor and one set available on the third and fourth.

Where do campus tours start?

Campus tours start in the Big Blue Room (TSC 229), which is on the second floor of the TSC on the east side. 

Where is the Campus Store?

The Campus Store (Bookstore) is located on both sides of the first floor of the TSC. On the south side, you will find clothing and apparel as well as Aggie Ice Cream while on the north you will find books and school supplies.

Where is the lost and found?

The lost and found is located on the second floor of the TSC in the card office, Room 212. It’s just to the west of Aggie Market Place.

Where is the Card Office located?

The card office is located on the second floor of the TSC, Room 212. It’s just to the west of Aggie Market Place.

Where is the Financial Aid office located?

Financial Aid is located in TSC Room 106 which is on the first floor of the TSC. Close by that are the Admissions and Orientation offices.

Where can I get I.T. help?

One of the computer labs located throughout campus should be able to help you with small technical problems. For bigger issues, visit our Information Technology website or the building located on 700 North (Aggie Bull-evard) right by the Distance Education Building.

Where can I find a campus map?

A campus map can be found at https://www.usu.edu/map/ .

How can I get involved?

Excellent question! We encourage you to visit involvement.usu.edu to see what clubs USU has and events that are taking place. Here you can apply for different committees that have open applications. Be sure to follow our social media accounts to stay up to date! You can also visit the different college websites to see what clubs they have that you would maybe like to be a part of.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

For upcoming events, visit MyUSU and follow the USUSA group! Additionally, you can follow USUSA Student Events, the USU HURD, and the USU Student Association on social media to stay up to date on upcoming events.

Where can I find the different buildings on campus?

Campus is divided up into nine different colleges: Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Education and Human Services, Arts, Natural Resources, Engineering, Business, and Graduate Studies. The different buildings on campus correlate with the colleges and the classes offered by those colleges. Other buildings include the Taggart Student Center, the Conference Center[BROKEN LINK], University Inn, and the Merrill-Cazier Library.

To find these buildings and any other location on campus, please click here.

Where is the bus stop?

Various locations around campus have a bus stop, including housing areas. Aggie Shuttle services transport approximately one million Aggies a year with no additional cost aside from student fees. Waits typically are less than 10 minutes. A map of routes and bus stops can be found here. We also encourage you to download the Aggie Shuttle App where you can track the buses in real time.