Redefining the relationship between USU and Fraternity and Sorority Life

A timeline of USU working together with Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) to restructure oversight, improve mentoring and create a stronger community. President Cockett started the initiative in 2017 in an effort to improve safety in the FSL community after several sexual assaults came to light. Student Affairs has worked to create a foundation for a more involved relationship between the university and fraternities and sororities, and has begun a pilot program.


January 2017: President Cockett begins work to redefine the relationship between fraternity/ sorority chapters and USU

A sheet with quick facts about the FSL community.(CTRL/Right click to view larger image)

November 2017: President Cockett commits to hiring a full-time fraternity and sorority life advisor

Summer 2018

July 2018: The university began to conceptualize implementation of the settlement, notify fraternity and sorority national offices of the settlement, and held an initial meeting to discuss the settlement with chapter presidents and advisors

August 2018: Paige Eidenschink was hired as a full-time fraternity and sorority advisor

August 2018: A meeting was held with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) to discuss the settlement
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Fall 2018

August 2018: A settlement working group was established to start drafting new policies and procedures. The Student Settlement Implementation Taskforce (SSIT) was created to ensure student input in the process

October 2018: The university met with chapter presidents and advisors to update them on the direction of the working group. The idea of a relationship agreement, which would contain the new policies and procedures, was introduced

December 2018: The university attended the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting to share the first draft of the relationship agreement with stakeholders
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Spring 2019

January 2019: President Cockett met with chapter advisors to review the progress that had been made

February 2019: Phase 1 of pilot testing began with select fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations

April 2019: Settlement working group held an open forum for members of the FSL community. Progress to that point was reviewed and questions and concerns were discussed

Summer 2019

The settlement working group continues to refine the policies and procedures. The Student Organization Status Report is created and will highlight each student organization

July 2019: The university updated the NIC on its progress

Fall 2019

The settlement working group and SSIT continues to meet

August 2019: Phase 2 of pilot testing began with select fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations

October 2019: The university attended NASPA FSL Summit to discuss key issues and engage in problem solving with nationwide stakeholders

December 2019: The university attends AFA Annual Meeting to continue participating in crucial conversations around fraternities and sororities

December 2019: The working group finalizes the structure of the relationship agreement

Spring 2020

January 2020: The university conducted the first round of “check-ins.”Check-ins: There will be at least two random check-ins each semester by a USU representative to ensure the organization is taking reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment.

January 2020: First Misconduct Incident Report Form (MIRF)Misconduct Incident Report Form (MIRF): This is an electronic form that organization leadership will use to report misconduct. Misconduct must be reported when law enforcement becomes involved, and any type of citation is issued. Misconduct must also be reported if during the Registered Student Organization (RSO) check-ins misconduct is observed by a university official. This report must be submitted within 24 hours of the leadership learning of the misconduct. is filed, and the misconduct process is initiated.

Flow chart diagram showing FSL and USU conduct flow
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March 2020: Final draft of the relationship agreement will be sent out for review

April 2020: Applications for recognition open.Annual Student Organization Recognition Application (ASORA): This is the tool used to apply to be recognized as an official student organization at Utah State University. It is also used for the annual renewal process for current recognized student organizations. The ASORA is located on the Department of Student Affairs homepage.

Fall 2020

Full implementation