Academic Opportunity Fund

The purpose of the Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF) is to provide financial support to undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted or invited by a reputable organization to present a scholastic achievement or participate in an academic competition.

Individuals are awarded up to $500.00. Groups are awarded up to $2,000. You may apply as early as 6 months prior to the conference. You must have submitted your completed application at least 4 weeks before your conference.

The AOF Application process is now entirely electronic. Please complete and sign the application using Adobe Reader.  Submit the application via email to

Policy Update March 2023:

Per ASB 2023-03, the Academic Opportunity Fund does not require legislative approval for grammatical changes. This change also included maximizing presentation times, adding information on what does and doesn't qualify for funding, and clarification of ambiguous terms and definitions. A link to that legislative change can be found here.


Download document to your computer before filling out (don't fill out in your browser) to make sure changes are saved.

For assistance, please email ( or visit us at TSC 326.