Hurd Premium

All USU students are members of the HURD and help build a strong student athletic section. All students can attend HURD tailgates and participate in the HURD rewards program in the Utah State Athletics app. 

HURD Premium is an optional program created to enhance your student-fan experience at USU, as well as build engagement and a sense of community amongst the Aggie faithful. HURD Premium membership is only available to current USU students (spouses who possess a valid spouse pass may also join) and costs $25 per year. 100 percent of those funds go to the HURD, which in turn returns to the students in the form of events, activities and swag.


  • Early Access to Athletic Games (15 minutes prior to gates opening)
  • Member-only exclusive HURD T-shirt
  • Chance to win a pre-game sideline pass at a USU Football Game (3-5 random members per game)
  • A USU dining coupon book, good for discounts at multiple on-campus dining locations (for the first 1,500)
  • McDonald's Buy one get one Free Spicy McChicken Sandwhich with Hurd Premium Sticker
  • Morty's Cafe 10% off meal by showing Hurd Premium Sticker at time of purchase 
  • Logan's Heroes 10% off meal by showing Hurd Premium Sticker at time of purchase 
  • Capriotti's Free Combo (chips or cookie & drink) with a Sub purchase while showing Hurd Premium Sticker
  • $5 off the Intramural Pass per semester for the 2022-23 academic year 
    • Must register in-person at the Aggie Recreation Center
  • One time 10% off one outdoor program equipment rental or day trip 
    • Must register in person at the Outdoor Program Rental Shop 
  • Must buy Hurd Premium 24 hours before Game Day to have A-number added to the early entry list. Bring proof of payment when coming to pick up your Hurd Premium Pack.

HURD Premium Registration


Submit Registration Form

There are TWO (2) steps – registration and payment. Once you fill out and submit the registration form below (Step 1), then the payment form (Step 2) will become available. You can NOT submit payment until you fill out the registration form, but you need to complete both steps to complete registration.

Pay $25 Registration Fee

Applicant Name (required):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a HURD Premium membership to attend USU sporting events?

No! HURD Premium is an OPTIONAL program for students. Those who do not wish to be Premium members can still attend USU Athletic events simply by swiping a valid USU ID card.

How much of this money goes to the USU Athletic Department?

HURD Premium and its membership fees are not associated with student athletic fees. None of the funds collected through the HURD Premium program will go to the USU Athletic Department. One hundred percent of the HURD Premium membership cost goes back to the HURD, which is in turn spent on activities, food and swag for the students and student activities around athletic events. 

How many HURD Premium memberships are available?

Membership is open to all current USU students and any spouses who have a valid spouse pass and USU ID card.

Do HURD Committee members also have to purchase Premium memberships to receive HURD Premium benefits?

Yes. HURD Committee members who want Premium benefits must also pay the $25 membership fee.

Where do I pick up my HURD Premium swag items? 

We have several opportunities for you to pick up your swag items once registration, payment, and student enrollment are verified! You can pick up your swag by attending our Hurd sponsored events such as the Midnight Yell, first Football Watch Party, Day on the Quad, or Campout on the Quad to pick up your items. After these events, you can pick up your items in the TSC Card Office in TSC 212. The office is open Monday-Friday. 

For any questions related to HURD Premium or the HURD Committee, contact USUSA Athletic & Campus Recreation Executive Director, Tate Bennett, at Follow our Instagram Account for more details throughout the year at usuhurd. 

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Athletics & Hurd Rewards Program

Stay tuned for Hurd Rewards Program details for the 2023-24 academic year.