Utah Leadership Academy

May 12, 2021

The Utah Leadership Academy is a yearly conference that provides student leaders the opportunity to network with peers, gain insight from staff members and discuss issues facing their campuses and fellow students. 

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Networking Groups

Athletics How to work with your Athletic Department to create the best student section in the country.

Clubs & Organizations How to organize and work with various clubs and organizations on your campus.

Community & Civic Engagement How to find and promote opportunities for civic and community engagement on your campus.

Diversity & Inclusion How to promote diversity and inclusion on your campus without tokenizing.

Events & Activities Holding events and activities on campus and dealing with COVID-19 protocol challenges and the re-engagement of the student body.

PR & Marketing How to get the word out about your student association, its initiatives and how to engage with your campus community.

Regional/Satellite Campuses How to engage and interact with students at regional or satellite campuses that are part of your university system.

Senate Working with Academic Senators and their deans, colleges and councils.

Student Body Presidents It's not easy being a student body president ... discuss challenges, lessons learned and the year ahead.

Ed Sessions

Assessment 101 - Assessment Basics By attending this presentation, participants will learn how to write an outcome using the ABCD model, understand the difference between a learning outcome and a program outcome, and create a list of ways to measure outcomes.

Assessment 201 - Intermediate Assessment Attendees of this session will engage with a series of interactive workshops that will help them select a method of measuring their learning/program outcomes, discuss the methods, tools, and software to collect the data, and demonstrate how analysis can improve programs in the future.

Community & Civic Engagement Many student groups plan service projects throughout year. How do you know that your project is making the best impact on your community? We’ll talk about how to use the Pathways of Public Service and Community Engagement model in your planning and discuss some case studies. You’ll walk away with a handy checklist of best practices that will ensure your community projects have a positive impact on your community, your student volunteers, and your planning committees.

Engaging Diversity & Creating Events Through an Inclusive Lens
This training will provide you with an introduction to effectively engaging a diverse student body, as well as a basic framework for creating and facilitating events through an inclusive lens. Concepts include an overview of best inclusive practices involving all major historically underrepresented student populations including those who identify as: racially/ethnically/religiously diverse, LGBTQIA+, disabled/differently abled,  undocumented/DACA, international, first-generation, non-traditional, trauma survivors, and economically disadvantaged. 

Event Planning Essentials: Your Guide for Event Success Are you new to Event Planning? Or are you a Seasoned Event Planner? Whichever identity you possess, event planning will always be a skill you can master with passion, the help of a team, and strong leadership. Let’s discuss the important mindsets and skillsets you’ll need to execute a successful event for you and your campus.  

Give a Penny, Take a Penny In this session we’ll discuss why feedback is important, ways to give feedback to others in a positive and constructive way, and how you as a recipient can receive and apply the feedback you’re given to really progress yourself and project.

Knowing Your Why For better or for worse, does the phrase, “Knowing your why” feel trendy to you? This conversation-lecture-workshop will be a crash course in the who, what, when, where, why, and how of WHY-ness and give you some tools and outlook on unleashing your why so it can become a defining force in your upcoming year and beyond.

Leadership 101: Building Yourself as a Leader Before you can build others as leaders, you have to understand yourself and skills, talents, areas for growth, and knowledge and how they impact your ability to lead. This presentation will begin the process of bridging who you are as a leader and the challenges and opportunities at your respective institution.

Leadership 201: Building Others as Leaders Though your personal leadership skill-building is an ongoing journey, you may find the opportunities to help others build their own leadership skills. This workshop will cover tips and suggestions that can be helpful in building up your peers and helping them embark on their leadership journey.

Marketing & Social Media Let’s talk about what you can’t google when it comes to marketing.

Endorphins make you happy – Advice from Elle Woods on friends, fun and functioning If you ever saw the movie "Legally Blonde", you may remember the main character, Elle Woods. Elle has genius-level intellect and is cunning, aside from witty and open. Although you all aren't trying to get into Harvard, you are trying your best to be successful and engaged in your college experience. Staying on top of your game, while holding down jobs, 15 credits, and a leadership position is not only exciting, it can be exhausting. Join me as we discuss "self care as a leaders". We will share ideas that might help you balance your schedule, handle stress when it pops up and focus on taking care of you!

Volunteer Management Best Practices Join this session to learn some of the best practices for managing volunteers and understanding the key roles they play. Bring questions or scenarios for upcoming events/projects you may have to gather ideas to incorporate into your planning.


9 a.m.
Opening Session
(Main Conference Room)

9:15 a.m.
Networking Breakout 1

9:45 a.m.
Ed Session 1

10:15 a.m.
Ed Session 2

10:45 a.m.
Networking Breakout 2

11:15 a.m.
General Discussion Session

11:45 a.m.
Closing Remarks & Scavify Instructions

12 p.m.

1-6 p.m.

ULA 2021 Questapaloozaroo
Scavenger Hunt
(Main Conference Room)