LEAP Organization & Scholarship

Mission Statement

The Leadership, Educational Achievement,and Prosperity (LEAP) organization serves to remove barriers that limit student success. Their goal is to ensure the Latino students in Cache Valley's public schools graduate with the ability to pursue post-secondary education options of their choice. For many of those students, these are options they have previously considered beyond their reach.This goal will be accomplished by working closely with community businesses and post-secondary institutions to provide and promote personal mentoring, scholarships, internships and employment during their academic training.

Furthermore, they will continue to promote parent involvement, increase effective communication between the schools and the Spanish-speaking community, and celebrate the contributions of Latino students and families to our community.

The LEAP organization believes this will increase Latino students’ chances of individual success, and allow them to promote the success and enrichment of the community they live in.

The Latinx Cultural Center stands by these goals and is proud to co-sponsor the LEAP Organization and Scholarship.


As part of their mission, the LEAP Organization provides scholarships for incoming college freshmen. To apply for the scholarship, please visit the LEAP Organization's website. Or click on the link to begin application process. 
Apply Here

Each semester, the new recipients of the LEAP Scholarship are honored during the Latinx Cultural Center's annual LEAP Gala.

History of the Scholarship & Our Donors

Lisa and Rigo Chaparro

Rigo and Lisa Chaparro are the founders of the Leadership, Educational Achievement, and Prosperity (LEAP) Scholarship. Rigo was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and came to the United States in 1979, Lisa was born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming. They met at Star Valley High School from which Rigo graduated in 1985 and Lisa the following year, 1986, the same year they were married. Lisa and Rigo both attended Weber State College after high school and in 1988, Lisa received an Associate’s Degree and Rigo graduated with an Accounting Degree. After graduating from Weber State, Rigo began working for State Farm Insurance in the Accounting department in Greeley, CO. Lisa, on the other hand, attended the University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 1990 with her accounting degree. In 1991, Rigo started his own State Farm Agency and Lisa began working as an accountant for the Rigo Chaparro Insurance Agency, Inc.

Due to his personal experiences, Rigo was and still is very passionate about helping out the future generations of Latinx students, so he began mentoring and helping students achieve a higher education over 15 years ago. As time went on, Rigo and Lisa could see the benefits and improvements in students who were able to receive a higher education. These experiences planted the seed for the idea of the LEAP scholarship, but the final spark was a challenge to create relationships with leaders in the community, from an organization the Chaparros volunteered with. Connecting with these leaders made the Chaparros realize that not only can anyone be a leader, but that they especially wanted Latinx students to become community leaders— this idea became the mission statement and the ultimate reason for the creation of the LEAP Scholarship.

Today, with the financial assistance of many private business owners, Utah State University, and Bridgerland Technical College, as well as the partnership with the Latinx Cultural Center and the support of the local school districts, the LEAP Scholarship has been able to touch the lives of many of Cache Valley’s Latinx Students and will continue to do so for years to come.