USU Latinos In Action Chapter

Latinos In Action (LIA) is a national organization serving over eight thousand students nationwide ranging in age from elementary school through college and, through our Alumni Association, into the professional world. LIA welcomes all who have the desire to further their learning and become leaders in their communities.

Our Mission

Empowering Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities through college and career readiness.

We accomplish this mission through the development of personal assets, academic excellence, leadership, and community service. We believe true leadership is expressed through service. Members of LIA everywhere are part of a FamiLIA, working together for the benefit of all.

Academic Excellence

We believe our voices are amplified through education. We encourage and promote academic excellence and life-long learning for all.

Through the LIA mentoring program college students guide and mentor first-year students to make sure they have the best opportunity to succeed.

Through the Mentoring Program, we witness first-hand the value of service and a shared responsibility for each others' success.

Professional Development

The end goal of Latinos in Action is to see each LIA student earn a degree and move into the professional world.

Recognizing the benefits of networking. Latinos in Action encourages and provides opportunities for students to interact with professionals in their chosen fields of studies. With a degree and the skills developed through their participation in Latinos In Action, our students are prepared to become leaders, not just in the Latino community, but in the overall community.

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LIA Officers

Annely Avila

Annely Avila


Office Location: TSC 227
Pam Allcott

Pam Allcott

Chapter Adviser

Office Location: TSC 227
  • Vice President: Dulce Tena
  • Secretary: Meladie Hernández
  • Treasurer: Victor Nyugen
  • Historian: Shari Linares & Nohemi Benitez
  • Service Chair: Helem Rojas
  • Social Chair: Ailyn Fernández
  • Fundraising Chair: Allie Dina 
  • Professional Development Chair: Samantha Young
  • Mentoring Chair: Ammy Moralesz
  • Marketing Chair: Camila Coria
  • Outreach Chair: Joseph Ocampo Trujillo
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