Anthropology, BS

Anthropology, BS


Bachelor's Degree

Credits required:

60 credits

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Next start date:

May 6, 2024

Understand the Impact of the Human Experience

Anthropology fosters cultural competency through the study of countless cultures around the world. The differences between cultures provide valuable insight into the increasing interconnected nature of today’s society. As an anthropology graduate, you will utilize your training and knowledge to inform areas such as business, law enforcement, social services and sciences, and environmental issues, about the impacts of policies and decisions on individuals, communities, and nations. 

You will graduate from this program with an emphasis in Environmental Change, Community Engagement, and Wellness. To enrich your experience and growth within anthropology, USU Online offers 20+ minor programs, which are a great way to take a deeper dive into topics that interest you most and prepare for graduate studies or a career in an array of industries. Options include History, Mental Health Advocacy & Awareness, Psychology, Social Work, and Women & Gender Studies. For a full list of minor options, see USU Online's degree page

USU Online’s bachelor’s in anthropology is one of the few online anthropology programs in the country. This applied program emphasizes the value of internships and practicum experiences in private, non-profit, and corporate organizations. Your participation in such experiences will kickstart your professional development by introducing new skills and strengthen existing skills, making you a competitive candidate as you prepare to enter professional settings upon graduation.

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Career Outlook

A degree in anthropology is a gateway to various fields in which you can pursue a career. In fact, most anthropologists hold positions that don’t mention anthropology at all, proving the versatility of this field of study.

Anthropology Courses Preview


Role of cultural concepts within discipline of anthropology. Relationship of cultural concepts to survival and adaptation, society and social life, ideology and symbolism, and cultural change and diversity. Applications to contemporary world problems. 

This course examines human impact on contemporary environments and the transforming capabilities of anthropogenic activity on the world at large. It also examines anthropological perspectives and methods used to address the preservation of the natural environment and similar challenges. Additional coursework is required for those enrolled in the graduate-level course. 

Surveys the field of applied anthropology, including discussions of emergence, application, and usefulness. Introduces students to methods and skills used by practitioners, as well as to those used to prepare for careers in applied anthropology. 

Students explore the topic of disease in humans and primate relatives from an anthropological perspective. The primary focus of the class is on infectious disease today and in recent human history.