By Alexis LeBaron | March 29, 2022
Nate Sealover
Nate Sealover, MPH HEP graduate, Spring 2022

Using COVID-19 to Reshape a Career

COVID-19 sparked Nate Sealover's decision to ignite his career by starting his online master's program in the Health Education and Promotion program at Utah State University.

Sealover was initially intrigued by the opportunity for an online degree due to COVID-19’s restrictions. He loved the idea of getting his degree and working while coronavirus altered his lifestyle.

The online degree provided him with the flexibility to work and do school at the same time despite the pandemic.

Sealover truly utilized his skill of seizing opportunities placed before him by working online as a mapping analyst for the virus’s spread.

Alongside these, he taught the HEP 2500 Health and Wellness course in an assistant professorship for approximately 2,500 undergraduate USU students.

"It is a general health course, talking about physical health, nutrition and mental health," Sealover said.

Teaching this course solidified his passion for academia, and he hopes to one day be a full-time professor — especially after he witnessed Utah State professors’ ability to make online education accessible and extremely beneficial for all students.

"That is something I think they do really well," Sealover said. "They set you up for success."

Sealover is currently applying for doctoral programs in community health and is very excited to see where life will take him next.

For anyone contemplating an online degree, Sealover advises self-awareness prior to signing up.

"Make sure that you actually want to do it," Sealover said. According to Sealover, getting an online education is not always easy, so practicing self-awareness and examining one's drive is important to their future success in an online education.