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It's the whole reason you're here!

For students starting fall 2022 semester there will be a mandatory orientation. 


New Student Orientation (Undergraduates Only) 

International New Student Orientation

In preparation for your first semester, all international undergraduate students must complete the New Student Orientation, an essential part of your orientation experience. New Student Orientation is a set of five online modules (sections) that will present you with important information as it becomes relevant to you as a student. Graduate students do not have to do the online orientation since they will have an orientation from the Graduate School as well as a departmental orientation. 

Access the New Student Orientation.

Graduate Student Preparation

In preparation for your first semester, we recommend that Graduate Students elect to complete online Graduate Orientation. Orientation is online in the form of a Canvas course. Graduate Students can self-enroll here. We ask that students complete all the modules as soon as they can, but the information will be available to them throughout fall semester. Students can contact their Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) with any questions. Be sure to thoroughly review the Graduate New Student Checklist for things you won't want to forget!


Contact Your Academic Advisor

Complete Module 2 of the New Student Orientation

As a part of the New Student Orientation experience, you will learn which classes to take and how to contact your undergraduate academic advisor. You will not be able to register until you complete module 2, so please be sure to pay close attention to this aspect of the New Student Orientation process.

If you have questions for your academic advisor, you can contact them with the information provided in New Student Orientation, or contact the Orientation office at

Taking the Math Placement Exam

If you have not yet fulfilled your undergraduate math requirement, then you will need to take USU's ALEKS Placement Exam before registering for any math course.

You will want to make arrangements to get this test proctored before you leave your home country, or plan to take the exam after arrival (before the semester starts).

View more information about the ALEKS Placement Exam.

USU 1010 - University Connections Course

Consider taking the University Connections course (USU 1010), which is designed to help make your transition to Utah State easier and to help prepare you for your college experience as an undergraduate.

Connections is a graded, academic course that is worth 2 credits. It covers everything from how to develop the best study and time management skills to how to use the campus library. You will also have the opportunity to interact with many domestic students and immerse yourself in university culture.

Even though Connections is not mandatory, around two thirds of the incoming freshmen take this class. If you would like to participate in Connections, register for USU 1010 with your other classes.

If you are an Intensive English Language Institute student...

If you are a student of the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI), you will be registered by the IELI advisor for the appropriate classes based on your IELI placement exam results. For more information about the IELI program email the IELI office directly ( or visit the IELI webpage.

If you are a Graduate Student...

If you are a Graduate Student meet with your Graduate Program Coordinator.

    • Ask them who your faculty advisor is, if you don’t already know.
    • Verify that you’re registered for the right classes.
    • Get your keys, office, and/or mailbox, if applicable.
    • Meet your faculty advisor.
      • Talk with them about their expectations for you.
  • If you have an assistantship or other paid USU position, meet with the payroll office (Old Main 26) to complete any required paperwork.
  • Take the Responsible Conduct in Research online CITI training if required. This training is for PhD students (regardless of funding source) and all NIH, NSF, USDA-NIFA funded masters students.
  • Attend New Graduate Student Orientation online via canvas.

Check the Registration Calendar

Registration Calendar for New International Students

If you are an undergraduate international student, you will not be able to register for classes until after you have completed module 2 of New Student Orientation. Once this has been completed, you will be able to begin registering for classes during the following dates:

  • Fall 2022: Course registration takes place the third week of April and is based on previously-earned credits. Visit the Registration Calendar at, to see when you can register by clicking on the calendar icon, and then selecting the registration calendar for the semester you are wanting (Fall 2022).

In order to get into the best courses, please plan out your preferred course list in advance and access myUSU as soon as possible to register. Classes fill up quickly!

You Must Register Full-Time

  • You must register full time during fall and spring semester.
    • Summer semester is your vacation semester and it is not required that you register for classes.
    • 12 credits for undergraduate students is full-time (9 of the 12 must be on campus in class credits).
    • 9 credits for graduate students is full-time (6 of the 9 credits must be on campus in class credits.
    • 18 hours for Intensive English Language (IELI ) students is full-time.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time by the end of the last add/drop date of each semester.
  • See the last day to add/drop a class for each semester
  • If you need to reduce your course load under the required amount, you must receive international advisor approval first.
    • You must fill out a reduced course load form (RCL) and get it signed by your academic advisor.
    • Each semester that you reduce your course load, you will need to fill out a RCL.
    • Failure to get approval to drop below full-time will result in a violation of your status!
    • To get a RCL form please meet with an international student advisor.

Login to MyUSU and Register


In order to register, students must access and log in using their A-Number and password. If you do not know your A-Number or password, links are provided on the login page to help students determine their login information.

Once a student has logged in to myUSU, click on the "Registration and Classes" button on the left of the "Tools" Menu. Select "College Scheduler" from the drop down menu that appears. 

College Scheduler Overview

Customizing Filters with College Scheduler

Planning Ahead with College Scheduler

College Scheduler Final Tips


Waitlist Notifications and Official Communication

Setting up your official email account

Once you register for your first class USU will provide you an official email account for all students to use during their academic career. The University will use this address to send important communications to you during your time with us. Once created this email will become your “preferred email” in the USU system and cannot be changed or forwarded. You will need to make sure that you are checking this account (and all your email accounts) frequently. You will keep this email address until after graduation. 


Pay Tuition By the Deadline

Paying Tuition Online

You may pay your tuition online using the Touchnet system, which is accessible through the myUSU student portal (look for the Touchnet logo on the bottom left hand side of the page). Simply login using your A-Number and password and follow the instructions to submit your tuition payment.

Your tuition, fees, housing, and dining charges will all be on your account in TouchNet. You can use TouchNet to pay the balance by the deadline, or to set up a payment plan.

Missing the Payment Deadline

Unfortunately, if you miss the payment deadline for tuition and fees you will be dropped from your classes and may not be able to register for those same courses again. Please do everything you can to avoid this awful situation.

Dates & Deadlines

You can access the Registration Calendar by visiting the Catalog and selecting the calendar icon. This will show you when the tuition dates and deadlines are for each semester.


Buy Course Materials & Textbooks

Buying Course Materials & Textbooks

The USU Campus Store tries to make it extremely easy to purchase all of the appropriate course materials and textbooks for any given class. Simply visit their webpage and locate the section that allows you to view your personal booklist. This feature not only shows you the price of new and used course materials in the USU Campus Store, but also allows you to make quick comparisons with popular online retailers like and


Print Your Schedule & Go To Class

Print Your Class Schedule

One mistake made by many students is not printing out their schedule on the morning of the first day of classes. Walking around campus and trying to locate your classrooms on the first day of class can be confusing, especially with all of the commotion of many other students doing the same thing. Course locations are often updated at the last minute, leaving students rushing to find the correct classroom. Printing an up-to-date schedule on the morning of the first day of classes is a great way to make sure that you have your latest course information on hand, especially if you need to stop and ask for directions.

Go To Class!

Congratulations! You're officially a USU student! Enjoy the experience and have a great time in class!