Spring 2024 Incoming Students - Orientation modules will open mid-October, check back then for more details

Summer/Fall 2023 Incoming Students

The New Student Orientation process contains five modules that are designed to give you relevant information at the correct time. Module one opens in February, and module five will be completed during your first semester at USU. Before you can begin the orientation process, make sure you have confirmed your enrollment.

Incoming students can register for classes in April based on earned credit hours on their Utah State transcript, but all incoming students have a registration hold and must complete module two prior to registering for classes.

New Student Orientation Consists of Five Required Modules

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Module 1: Pre-Registration

Opens February 21 - Covers all the preparations you can start now. Learn how much USU will cost, how to set up housing, and how to do the FAFSA, among other things.


Module 2: Registration

Opens March 20 - Covers everything you need to know to select classes and register for them. Learn how your previously-earned credits apply at USU, know what classes you should take, and how to register yourself for classes.


Module 3: Aggie Orientation

Opens June 5 - Completed in-person for those who live within 300 miles of USU's Logan Campus, or online for those outside of that radius, Aggie Orientation covers important topics such as parking, textbooks, paying tuition, involvement opportunities, campus safety, and much more to prepare you for your first semester. In addition to completing Aggie Orientation we have supplemental opportunities for you to engage with the student orientation staff.

  • Aggie New Student Podcast: Listen on major podcast platforms for up-to-date information about starting at USU this summer or fall semester.
  • Instagram @USUATEAM Follow for deadline reminders and other helpful information.
  • Freshman Hotline: Current students are available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (435) 797-0283.

Module 4: Pre-Semester

Opens August 7 - Covers all the last-minute details you need to know before the semester begins as well as required campus safety trainings for all incoming students. Learn where to park to move in, how to hook up utilities if you live off-campus, and what you need to discuss with roommates on day one.


Module 5: First Semester

Opens September 11 - Covers all the things you need to know during your first semester. Learn essential campus safety information, mental health resources, roommate conflict resolution, and much more.