Report To Police


Sexual Violence causes a great deal of emotional trauma and USU Police officers are sensitive to the needs of those reporting. If you request they not initiate an investigation, they will honor that request as much as possible. As part of the university, USU police forwards all reports of sexual misconduct to USU's Title IX Coordinator. You can pursue a police investigation and the university's Title IX process at the same time. 

USU Police realize reporting a sexual assault can be difficult and are committed to treating survivors with sensitivity and respect. Read their sexual assault response commitment.

Police and Advocate Response Team

At the start of 2020, Utah State hired an investigator and an additional victim advocate to improve services for survivors of sexual violence who report to USU Police. This specialized unit is dedicated to providing the best service and options to survivors of violence. The detective is trained in conducting trauma-informed investigation and will ensure each survivor is in control of their case. The advocate helps remove barriers to healing by empowering survivors with information about options and helping them navigate the path they choose. 

In addition to filing a formal police report, the Police and Advocate Response Team can assist individuals in filing Stalking Injunctions, Cohabitat Protective Orders, Sexual Violence Protective Orders, and Dating Violence Protective Orders.

USU Law Enforcement Investigation Flowchart

Judicial Process Flowchart

USU Police Contact Information

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800 E. 1250 N., Logan
If you are in danger, call 911.

For all USU students, if you contact USU Police, they will direct you to the appropriate police department where you can file a police report.