Private Scholarships

These scholarships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. We also have a list of additional scholarships only available to graduate students.

Scholarship Name Category Deadline
DealWiki Scholarship Fund General 1/1
Barbeques Galore Scholarship General 1/1
Number 1 Auto Transport Annual Scholarship General 1/1
Brain Cradle's Technology Scholarship General 1/1
Akkadian Labs Technology Scholarship Opportunity General 1/1
Connect First Inspiration and Motivation General 1/2
Beyond Wellness Scholarship (High Schoolers) General 1/6
Hey Tutor Online Learning General 1/10 Scholarship General 1/10
Photography Talk General 1/15
CaptionCall Scholarship General 1/15
Berkowitz & Myer Successful Career General 1/15
Meldon Law You Matter Most General 1/20
IfLexion Educational Aspirations General 1/31
CIMAB Scholarship Program General 1/31 Music Video Scholarship General 2/1
Xsocialmedia Liam Malik Scholarship General 2/1
Protoly Impactful Leaders Scholarship General 2/1
Web Design Scholarship General 2/1
Aviation Nepal Scholarship General 2/7
Texting and Driving Prevention Scholarship General 2/10
Justice Solutions Group Future Mentors Scholarship General 2/15
Joe I. Zaid & Associates University Student Scholarship General 2/15
GreyCampus Scholarship Program General 2/20
The Nosrati Law College Scholarship General 2/20
Self-Publishing School Creative Writing Scholarship General 2/21
EvokeFinance Entrepreneurship Journey General 2/28
The Sentient Furniture for Creatives Scholarship General 2/28
Moarmouz Future Education General 2/28
Young Humanitarian Award (High Schoolers) General 3/1
CollegeDrive Scholarship Competition General 3/1
Rainy-Day-Fitness Scholarship General 3/1
Hani Zeini Scholarship General 3/1
Youthlinc Young Humanitarian Award General 3/1
GVD Renovations Scholarship General 3/9
Old School Labs Video Scholarship General 3/15
The Lem Garcia Law Scholarship General 3/15
Painting Kits Scholarship General 3/17
Mattress Advisor's Sleep Science Scholarship General 3/20
Salinas Trial Law General 3/30
Bautista Leroy Entrepreneur General 3/30
Trey Porter Law Scholarship General 3/30
Veterinary Naturals Scholarship General 3/30
LetMeBest Innovative Writing Scholarship General 3/31
All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship General 3/31
Modern Castle Scholarship General 3/31
Stressays Scholarship General 3/31
The Krist Law Firm: P.C. National General 3/31
EveryPayJoy Best Saving Scholarship General 3/31
The Citizen Annual Scholarship General 3/31
KNR Legal Don't Text and Drive General 3/31
The Moto Helmets Plus Motorcycle Safety Scholarship General 3/31
Krist Law Firm National Scholarship General 3/31
Lux Rehabs Because You Deserve the Best Scholarship General 3/31
SocialCaptain Financial Aid Scholarship General 3/31
Dechtman Wealth Management Scholarship General 3/31
The Leanbean Clean Athletic Performance Scholarship General 3/31
Instapot Life "Cooking with Zest" Scholarship General 4/1
Jonah Engler Grant General 5/1
Marc Ravenscroft Grant Program General 5/1
Ben Crump Law School Scholarship General 5/1
Ortorex Scholarship General 5/15
Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign General 5/31
Distasio Birth Injury Survivor Scholarship General 6/1
Just Wright Dental General 6/5
Grad Coach Scholarship General 6/10
Sixth City Marketing College Scholarship General 6/15
HealthGAINS Entrepreneurial Scholarship General 6/15
Mandour Law & Associates Scholarship General 6/15
Berger and Green Heart Disease Scholarship General 6/15
DUI Awareness Scholarship General 6/15
NetPEO Lung Cancer Awareness Scholarship General 6/15
Parrish Law Firm Academic Scholarship General 6/15
Laborde Earles Injury Lawyers Cancer Scholarship General 6/15
Community Leadership Scholarship General 6/15
Students Against Drinking and Driving Scholarship General 6/15
The Newsome Melton $1,500 Student Leadership Scholarship General 6/15
Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Cancer Awareness Scholarship General 6/15
Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship General 6/15
Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship General 6/15
First Responder Scholarship General 6/15
1800CPAP $1000 Scholarship General 6/20
Davis Property Management Scholarship General 6/30
Maeband Scholarship General 7/1
Virginia Vein Care Scholarship General 7/7
It Can Wait! Scholarship Contest General 8/1
Richmond Injury Attorneys Scholarship Contest General 8/1
Land of the Free Scholarship General 8/15
Rodeo Enthusiast General 8/15
Race to Inspire General 8/21
HubBase $500 Scholarship General 9/1
Highly Sensitive Person Scholarship General 9/30
Exceptional Student Scholarship General 9/30
Filter King Scholarship General 11/28
Lalco Interior Scholarship General 11/29
Bachus & Schanker Law Firm LLC Scholarship General 11/30
Axon Optics Scholarships General 11/30
Lead Quizzes Entrepreneur Scholarship General 11/30 Research General 11/30
TimeclockG Scholarship General 11/30
Planet Maids Scholarship General 11/30
Healthy Line General 12/1
Nextiva Business Scholarship General 12/1
Family Matters Scholarship General 12/1
Carr and Weatherby LLP Scholarship for At-Risk Youth General 12/1
Maeband Scholarship for Mom's General 12/1 Scholarship Essay Contest General 12/1
Rustica Scholarship General 12/1
Avalaunch Media Scholarship General 12/1
Fort Zed Innovation in Renewable Energy General 12/1
Psomagen Next Generation Scholarship General 12/1
Ashoori Law Good Deeds Scholarship General 12/1
Elevate Black Entrepreneurs Scholarship General 12/1
Pacient Care Medical Scholarship General 12/1
Amberd Design & Marketing Scholarship General 12/1
The HOTH SEO Scholarship Program General 12/1
We The Students General 12/1
Worthy Women's Scholarship General 12/2
HIV RNA Scholarship General 12/7
Ali Raza Scholarship General 12/7
Couponpyramid Annual Scholarship Program General 12/10
CGT Rader Scholarship General 12/14
Paradigm Malibu Depression Treatment Education General 12/15
Mask Market Scholarship General 12/15
Artsybucket Scholarship Program General 12/15
The John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship General 12/15
General Marketing Education Scholarship General 12/15
Dynamics Digital Scholarship General 12/15
Lux Rehabs Scholarship General 12/15
Grad Coach Scholarship General 12/15
Pettable Pet Lovers Scholarship General 12/15
Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. 2020 $1,500 Academic Scholarship General 12/15
Lawn Butler National Essay/Video Scholarship Award General 12/15
HomeClean Miami Future Leaders Scholarship General 12/15
Sarasota Dentistry Dental Scholarship Essay Contest General 12/15
Tropical Andamans Travel Scholarship General 12/15
Williams Law Group Scholarship General 12/15
North American Van Lines 2017 General 12/15
Credit Soup, Selecting your Major General 12/15
Fitness China Scholarship General 12/15
Michael W. Moran, P.C. Scholarship General 12/17
LifeSeasons National Scholarship Essay Contest General 12/18
Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship General 12/20
Power Hand Tool Set Scholarship General 12/30
The Points Promo Scholarship General 12/30
Keeva Organics General 12/31
Covers in Play Pool Enclosure Scholarship General 12/31
CouponXoo Scholarship General 12/31 Annual College Scholarship Program General 12/31 Scholarship Program General 12/31
Emroch & Kilduff Personal Injury Lawyers Contest (High Schoolers) General 12/31
Diet Spotlight General 12/31
WiseGeek Mental Health Well-Being Scholarship General 12/31
Whisk Matcha General 12/31
Vocational Training HQ Scholarship General 12/31
2020 HOTH SEO Scholarship Program General 12/31
Looking Forward to End Distracted Driving Scholarship Contest General 12/31
Talk of the Villages Cyberbullying Scholarship General 12/31
Pre-Veterinary and General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship General 12/31
Joanne Norris Scholarship General 12/31
The Johns Law Firm Scholarship Contest General 12/31
Palladium Product Development & Design Scholarship General 12/31
Easton & Easton Injury Attorneys College Scholarship General 12/31
The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal College Scholarship General 12/31
LawnStarter Lawntrepreneur Scholarship General Mutliple
Power to Present General Mutliple
BodEvolve Scholarship General Mutliple
Playyon Scholarship General Multiple
Glandex Vetnique Labs Semi-Annual Scholarships General Multiple
Voy Media Entrepreneur Scholarship General Multiple
Green Way Carpet Cleaning Scholarship General Multiple
Cleaning Exec Entrepreneur Scholarship General Multiple
White Glove Moving and Storage Scholarship General Multiple
Vida Scholarship Program General Multiple
The Your Fertility Friend Scholarship General Multiple
VIDA Creative Arts Impact Scholarship General Multiple
Employment Boost Academic Scholarships General Multiple
Swope, Rodante P.A. Scholarship for Philanthropic Efforts General Multiple
Course Hero Scholarships General Multiple
Viking Steel Structures Scholarships General Multiple
Nitro College Scholarship General Multiple
Calvin Rosser Life Reimagined Scholarships General Multiple
Lightning55 General Scholarship for Higher Learning General Multiple
Jones T-Shirts Love your Career Scholarship General Multiple
Digital Roofing Innovations General Multiple
The Realty Medics Scholarship General Multiple
FormSwift Scholarship General Multiple
BodEvolve Scholarship: BodEvolve General Multiple
Personal Finance Analyst Scholarships General Multiple
Leesa Social Impact: Inspiring Future Leaders General Multiple
StudySoup Scholarships General Multiple
I Heart my School Scholarship, Abodo General Multiple
SmileTutor Scholarship General Multiple
Spinal Cord General Multiple
DMV Driver Education Initiative Scholarship General Multiple
Neuman Associates General Multiple
Mobile Signal Boosters General Multiple
Redfin Real Estate Brokerage General Multiple
Maple Holistics Natural Product General Multiple
Utah Advocates Scholarships General Multiple
Bisnar & Chase Attorneys Branch Out Scholarship General Multiple
Injury Advocates Montana General Multiple
Advocates Washington General Multiple
Picture Keeper Entrepreneurship General Multiple
Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship General Multiple
Crosley Law Distracted Driving General Multiple
Solution Inn (Multiple Scholarships) General Multiple
AmericanMuscle's Students Scholarship General Multiple
Tripz Vacation Rental Community Scholarship General Multiple
PayDayAllDay Scholarship General Multiple
CryptoPotato Scholarship General Multiple
Cocodrie Fly Fishing Foundation Education General Multiple
Wheelhouse Scholarship General Multiple
Newsome Melton Student Leadership Scholarship General Multiple
Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship Agriculture/Environment 8/1
Stewardship Scholar Essay Contes Agriculture/Environment 11/29
Anavii Market Scholarship Agriculture/Environment 12/15
Golden Meadows Pre-Veterinary and Animal Usbandry Education Agriculture/Environment 12/31
ExtremeTerrain's Environmental Studies Agriculture/Environment Multiple
ShapeThatBod Health and Fitness Athletics 8/31
Race Entry Student Scholarship Athletics 10/15
Playyon Sports Involvement scholarship Athletics Multiple
The Mortgage Reports Scholarship Athletics 1/29
SarahBeth Hartlage Grant Business 1/4
CustomerServ Business 3/1
Benjamin Gordon Grant Business 3/1
Hani Zeini Grant Business 3/1
A-1 Auto Transport Logistics Business 3/10
Martin Polanco Scholarship Business 3/15
Vertical Measures Digital Marketing Business 3/31
Bonsai Finance Entrepreneur Scholarship Business 3/31
Dennis Begos Grant Business 3/31
Ram Duriseti Scholarship Business 5/1
Dennis Begos Scholarship Business 5/1
Do Supply, Inc. Academic Scholarship Business 6/1
AX Control, Inc. Academic Scholarship Business 6/1
XplorMedia Educational Scholarship Business 11/30
MDG Advertising Scholarship Business 12/1
Sapling HR, People Ops and Onboarding Scholarship Business 12/5
KitchenFaucetGuides SM Marketing Business 12/10
Women in Business Scholarship Business 12/15
Citrix ShareFile Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs Business 12/15
Dragonfly Digital Marketing Scholarship Business 12/15
Cosmetic Packaging Now's International Business Scholarship Business 12/15
Colonial Ghosts Scholarship Business 12/15
DealCrunch Future Leaders in Retail Business 12/15
Sachs Marketing Group Business 12/15
Walnut Solutions SEO Expert (Marketing) Business 12/15
West Wind Recovery Business 12/15
EXPO Marketing Women in Business Business 12/16
Mr. Marketing SEO and Marketing Automation Business 12/31
BestDiggers Internet Marketing Scholarship Business 12/31
Supply Chain Management Scholarship Business 12/31
The Hoth SEO Scholarship Business 12/31
JJ Bender Education for the Future Business 12/31
PSDtoWPService $500 Scholarship Business 12/31
LawnStarter Lawntrepreneur Scholarship Business Mutlitple
Credit Sesame Financial Literacy Scholarship Business Multiple Scholarship Business 1/28/2020
Diversity in Data Science Scholarship Diversity 5/8
WiseGeek Disability Scholarship Diversity 8/2
WiseGeek Recent Immigrants Scholarship Diversity 9/1
TransgenderFirst National Scholarship Diversity 12/31
The Daniels Fund, Ethics Diversity Multiple
Mensa Foundation Diversity Multiple
American Indian Education Fund Diversity Multiple
Visa Reservation Simplifying the Process Diversity Multiple
Why Decor Matters Scholarship Fine Arts 1/2
JUNK iT Painters and Decorators Scholarship Fine Arts 1/7
Music Authority Scholarship Fine Arts 2/1
Cyrus Artisan Rugs Scholarship Grant for Future Interior Designers Fine Arts 2/8
Greater than Gatsby Scholarship Fine Arts 3/1
Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest(High School Seniors) Fine Arts 3/1
Design a Shirt Creative Excellence Scholarship Fine Arts 11/30
Feathr Wallpaper Scholarship Fine Arts 12/1 Scholarship Fine Arts 12/15
Houston Computer Classes, Excel Expertise Fine Arts 12/20
Influence Print Scholarship Fine Arts 12/31
StyleWe Scholarship Opportunities Fine Arts 12/31 Biannual Scholarship Fine Arts 12/31
IHeartRaves Scholarship Fine Arts Multiple
Regractique Photography Innovation and Excellence Fine Arts Multiple
Injury Trial Lawyers Law 2/1
MileMark Media Legal Scholarship Law 2/13
Brauns Law Injury Firm Law 2/28
Polito & Associates Injury Lawyers Law 2/28
Wandres Law Scholarship Law 3/1
Drew Lewis Law Scholarship Law 4/30
Villarreal Personal Injury Attorney Scholarship Law 5/1
The Law Offices of Randolph Rice Infographic Scholarship Law 5/1
Annual Rivkind, Margulies & Rivkind Legal Scholarship Law 7/1
Law School Scholarship for Veterans Law 7/1 
Gounaris Abboud Scholarship Contest Law 8/1
Young, Marr & Associates Annual Scholarship Law 8/1
Rodney Okano Working Student Scholarship Law 11/30
Pace Law Firm Scholarship Law 11/30
Staver Law Group National Scholarship Law 12/1
The Larson Law Office Scholarship Law 12/1
The Annual SFVBA ARS Law School Scholarship Law 12/15
The Juneteenth Scholarship Law 12/15
Florin and Roebig Attorney's Scholarship Essay Contest Law 12/15
Greco Neyland, PC Law Law 12/20
Coursehero Justice Hero Scholarship Law 12/20
Abels & Annes Personal Injury Lawyers Law 12/31
WiseGeek Diversity in Law Scholarship Law 12/31
The Dominguez Firm Scholarship Law 12/31
Mesriani Law Group Scholarship Grant Law 12/31
Shook and Stone Scholarship Law Multiple
Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm Scholarship Law Multiple
Advocates Injury Attorneys Scholarship Law Multiple
Bisnar and Chase Branch Out Scholarship Law Multiple
Mayfirm Injury Lawyers Bi-Annual Law Multiple
Laws101 Law School Scholarships Law Multiple
DLE Lawyers Video Medical Professionals Medical/Health/Nursing 1/1
Healthcare Leaders Nursing Scholarship Medical/Health/Nursing 1/29
US Premium Health, LLC. Medical/Health/Nursing 1/31
Vantage Point Recovery Medical/Health/Nursing 1/31 Health Care Scholarship Medical/Health/Nursing 7/1
Los Angeles DUI Attorney Diabetes Medical/Health/Nursing 12/15
Avacare Medical Medical/Health/Nursing 12/15
Vohra Wound Care Scholarship for Nursing Education and Nursing Certifications Medical/Health/Nursing 12/17
The Expert Institute (Healthcare or Lifesciences) Medical/Health/Nursing 12/31
BOSTER SCHOLARSHIP Medical/Health/Nursing 12/31
Cognitune Tune Your Mind Scholarship Medical/Health/Nursing 12/31
Aspiring Healthcare Professional, Dental Hygienist Programs Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
Senior Care Innovation Scholarship Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
Online Medical Assistant Programs 100 Word HealthCare Scholarship (Medicine and Nursing Sciences) Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
James O'Connor Mesothelioma Scholarship Fund Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
See the Clarity Optometry Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
Soma Weight Loss Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
Nursing Scholarships (Multiple) Medical/Health/Nursing Multiple
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship (Military) Military 3/30
Chisholm & Kilpatrick Child of an American Veteran Military 12/15 Scholarship for our Armed Forces Military 12/31
WiseGeek Military Appreciation Scholarship Military 12/31
Army Emergency Relief Military Multiple
Hill and Ponton Veterans helping Veterans Scholarship Military Multiple
Gilman-McCain Scholarship Military Multiple Graduate Technology Scholarship for Military Veterans Military Multiple
Bonsai Finance Veterans Scholarship Military 9/28/2019
Permit Bike Motorcycle Scholarship Other 1/31
CCIS Future Contractor Scholarship Other 1/31
LadyLife- Women's Beauty Other 2/28
DriveSafe Driving Schools College Scholarship Program Other 3/1
Safer Skin Whitening Scholarship Other 3/10
Public Lands Foundation George Lea Founder's Scholarship Other 3/15
ATE Ballistic Helmet (Police Officers) Other 3/31
Birth injury Lawyers - Cerebral Palsy Scholarship Other 6/15
Law School Scholarship for Volunteer Service Other 6/15
Cyber Security Scholarship Other 7/15
2021 ImproveNet Scholarship Other 8/1
Maxim Law Social Justice Scholarship Other 11/30
Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship Other 12/1
Swopsmart Scholarship Initiative Other 12/14
Tropical Andamans Travel Other 12/15 Renting Other 12/15 Scholarship (Skin and Nail Care) Other 12/15
Mercer Mettl Scholarship For Emerging Leaders Other 12/15
Allied Van Lines Scholarship (Logistics) Other 12/15
John W Tumelty Cancer Treatment Other 12/15
Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship (Survivors) Other 12/31
Utah Tour Guide Scholarship Other 12/31
Crazy Games Annual Scholarship (Game Creator) Other 12/31
Ambient Edge (students affected by cancer) Other 12/31
Michigan Auto Law Other 12/31
Optimal Online Degree Scholarship Other 12/31
Custody Xchange Scholarship Other Multiple
Sante Center for Healing Scholarships Other Multiple Scholarship Other Multiple
Scott's Cheap Flights Other Multiple
American Trucks Student Scholarship Other Multiple
Go Skills for Women Who Want to Be the Boss Other Multiple
Into The AM Gaming Industry Other Multiple
ABA Applied Behavior Analysis Scholarships Other Multiple
Downtown Apartment Company's Real Estate Scholarship Other 12/11/2019
Elevate Black Students in Public Policy Scholarship Education/Personal 3/9
Randall Blair Isenberg Alcohol Addiction Awareness Education/Personal 3/15
Toptal Scholarships for Women Education/Personal 3/31
MC Dermatology Education/Personal 11/30
Medical Malpractice Help Service Scholarship Education/Personal 12/15
Newsome Melton Leadership Scholarship Education/Personal 12/15 Involvement Scholarship Education/Personal 12/31
Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer, Community Service Education/Personal 12/31
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest (High School Seniors) Education/Personal Multiple
The JRC Insurance Group Scholarship (High School Seniors) Education/Personal Multiple
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Education/Personal Multiple
LEDs Master Lighting Manufacturer Education/Personal Multiple
Empowered Future Teachers Education/Personal Multiple
Diceus Computer Science Scholarship STEM 1/1
Future Leaders in Technology STEM 1/1
Pathable Scholarship STEM 1/15
Pathable Women in Computer Science Scholarship STEM 2/15
Western Reserve Herb Society Scholarship Program STEM 2/28
National Cellular Directory Scholarship STEM 3/1
CNC Machines Manufacturing Scholarship STEM 3/26
Prime Mailboxes Women in STEM Scholarship STEM 4/5
CNC Machines Manufacturing Scholarship STEM 5/5
Women in Data Science Scholarship STEM 5/8
BuyBulkWebTraffic Student Scholarship STEM 11/30
Inkas Armored Vehicles Rising Star Scholarships STEM 11/30
McCann Systems STEM Scholarship STEM 11/30
Christmas Jumper Club STEM 11/31
PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship STEM 12/5
Walnut Solutions SEO Expert STEM 12/15
PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship STEM 12/20
Coursehero STEM Scholarship STEM 12/20
North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship Competition STEM 12/31
Expert Institute's Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship STEM 12/31
Revpart Stem Scholarship STEM 12/31
National Debt Relief Scholarship STEM 12/31
Simplr Artificial Intelligence and Technology STEM 12/31
Review 10's Scholarship Program STEM 12/31
Eldivia Chemistry Success Award STEM 12/31
International Dissertation Field Research STEM Multiple
CNC Machines Scholarship STEM Multiple
JMJ Phillip Group College Scholarships STEM Multiple
Computer Science Major Scholarship STEM Multiple
CariD Scholarship Program (High School Seniors) STEM Multiple
Houzz Scholarship Programs (Architecture) STEM Multiple
Volt Lighting STEM Scholarship STEM Multiple
Deputy Scholarship STEM Multiple
Chairish Design Co. STEM Multiple

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